Useful Guide to Remove Ads by WeatherBuddy

Ads by Weatherbuddy cover the whole screen so that I can’t use my laptop freely. Well, I am interested in daily weather and I only get information from newspaper. When weather news appears on my computer, I become annoyed. Where do they come from? If you have effective ways to remove these annoying ads, please tell me without hesitation. Thanks in advance.

Your computer may get infected with an adware. It is recommended to scan your entire computer quickly. And then follow removal guide to remove these ads step by step.

Infected Symptoms:

  • Display numerous annoying advertisements on your computer screen.
  • Slow down running speed of computer system.
  • Occupy a large number of resources.
  • Add unwanted extensions and plugins to your browser.

More Information About WeatherBuddy


WeatherBuddy is classified as an ad-supported program which becomes a nasty problem once your computer gets infected with it. It is used for a tool which provides users with latest local weather information and tips for travelling. However, you will find it is annoying before you enjoy services provided by the program. In order to deliver weather information, the program must get your location and keep track of your browsing activity. Computer users actually get relevant weather forecast. However, these pop ups also appear and stops users from conducting other activities. Tons of ads follow you where you go. You may be redirected to random websites if you click on these pop-up advertisements.


Based on information collected, it can create advertisements that are closely associated with what you browse. The kind of “target advertisement” is largely applied to some websites like Facebook for promoting themselves. However, the kind of ads becomes dangerous if designers make them for illegal purpose. Thus, you should pay attention to “target advertisement” because it means that the adware may steal and utilize your personal information. Therefore, you’d better remove the adware as soon as possible.


How did your computer get infected with this adware?


WeatherBuddy will be installed along with other free software or programs. Computer users usually neglect deselect options that they needn’t to choose during the installation. In fact, most programs will provide computer users with one more installation types. For example, in the picture below, there are Typical type, Complete type and Custom type. You are recommended to choose Custom installation because you can choose features you want installed and avoid installing unwanted programs. You needn’t choose Complete installation because it will take up larger computer space even though no unwanted programs gets into your computer.



Sometimes Custom option will hide itself and difficult to find because some designers are not willing to want computer users to choose it. Some options will be shown as (drop-down button) and click the button. Later, Then additional programs will be listed, you should deselect programs you don’t want and continue your installtion.

Note: Can’t find Custom Installation? Can’t stop the program entering your computer? Don’t worry, you should face present situation calmly if you fail to prevent trouble before it happens. To remove the adware as soon as possible, it is suggested to use a powerful removal tool.


WeatherBuddy Removal Instruction

Quick menu:

Step 1: End the processes related to WeatherBuddy

Step 2: Remove WeatherBuddy from Control Panel.

Step 3: Remove the adds-ons and extensions of WeatherBuddy.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Step 4: Delete Associated files and folders of WeatherBuddy

Step 5: Get rid of the registry entries of the adware from Registry Editor.

Step 6: Restart the Computer.

Step 7: Remove WeatherBuddy with SpyHunter

Tips for Protecting Your Computer from Attack

Step 1: End the processes related to WeatherBuddy

At first, you should stop the ad-supported program from running in the background. Usually, computer users can make use of Windows Task Manager to end the runing process.

How to Open Task Manager

(select one of them)

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key together.


Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key together.


Right click on blank area of Taskbar and and select Task Manager/ Start Task Manager.

starttaskmanagerOpen Start menu, click Run command, and then type taskmgr in a dialogue box and hit Enter.


(More ways at

How to End Processes

Windows 7/Vista/XP

Open Task Manager → Go to Processes tab → Select the process → Click End Process button


Windows 8/10

Open Task Manager → Click More details -> Go to Processes tab→ Select unwanted process → click End Task button



Step 2: Remove WeatherBuddy from Control Panel.


For Windows 10

Click Start button in the lower-right corner of taskbar, type Control Panel in search box and click it.


Choose View by Category (select from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner) and click Uninstall a program.


Find unwanted program from the list, click Uninstall button.


  1. Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it.


For Windows 8

Press Windows + X key to open Charm bar and type control panel in Search box.


Click Control Panel, choose View by Category (select from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner) and click Uninstall a program.


Select unwanted program and click Uninstall button.



For Windows 7/Vista

Click Start button on the task bar, and then select Control Panel from the list.


Choose “View by Category” in the upper-right side, and then click Uninstall a program under Programs.


Select unwanted program from the list, click Uninstall button.



For Windows XP

Click Start button on the task bar, and then select Control Panel from the list.


Click Add or Remove Programs under Category view.


Select unwanted program from the list, click Remove button.


Tip: Can’t find associated program in Control Panel? Can’t remove it with Control Panel? In most cases, WeatherBuddy can’t be shown in the Windows Add/ Remove Programs because it enters your system in a form of bundled software. Thus, you are recommended to download a powerful tool to get rid of adware.


Step 3: Remove WeatherBuddy from Your Browser.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Manage Add-ons.


In Toolsbars and Extensions, select All add-ons in the drop-down menu of Show.


Select the add-on in the list and click Disable button.


Click Tools button and select Internet Options.


Go to Advanced tab, click Reset…


A window pop up, check the box of Delete personal settings and click Reset.


Click the Close button.


Restart Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox, click Menu button and select Add-ons.


Select unwanted extension in the list, click Disable or Remove button.firefox-disableextension

Navigate to Plugins tab, select unwanted plugins and choose Never Activate in the drop down menu.


Click Menu button and press ? (Help Menu) button.


Select Troubleshooting Information.


Click Finish button to complete the import process.


Restart Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, click Menu button and select More tools, and then click Extensions.


Select unwanted extension in Extensions tab, and then click trash icon or uncheck Enabled check box.


Click Menu button and select Settings.


Click Show advanced settings… at the bottom of the page.


Click Reset settings, and then click Reset button.


Restart Google Chrome.


Open Safari, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Preferences…


Go to Extensions tab, select unwanted extension in the list and click Uninstall button or uncheck Enable check box.


Click Tools button or Safari, select Reset Safari.


Select items you want to delete and click Reset.


Restart Safari.


Open Opera, click Menu button (Opera icon) on the top left corner.

Select Extensions and then Manage extensions.


Select unwanted extension, and then click “X” button or click Disable button.


Click Menu button (Opera icon) and go to Clear browsing data.


Select items that you want to delete and click Clear browsing data button.


Restart Opera.

Tip: Do you feel afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing this adware? Any wrong operation may result in system crash and data loss. It is advised to use a professional removal tool

Step 4: Delete Associated files and folders of WeatherBuddy

Open My Computer icon (File Explorer), click Organize in the top bar and select Folder and search options/Folder Options


Go to View tab, opt for “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, and then Apply and OK button.


Search for WeatherBuddy and delete items if you find them.


Step 5: Get rid of the registry entries of the adware from Registry Editor.

Open Start menu, click Run, type regedit and hit Enter.


Click Edit and then Find.


Type WeatherBuddy and hit Enter, and then delete associated items if you find them.



Step 6: Restart the Computer

Tip: In Step 4, you need to repeat the steps until you can’f find anything. If these ads still appear after you have done Step 4, it means that stubborn items exists in your computer. To remove them completely, you should download and install a useful removal tool.

Step 7: Remove WeatherBuddy with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a powerful security tool which will not only remove detected infections but also protect your computer from attack in future. Based on real-time update virus database, any infections are difficult to escape detection of SpyHunter. The removal just requires several clicks.

How to download and Install SpyHunter

Click the button below to download SpyHunter.


Open the downloaded files (SpyHunter-Installer.exe), and then click Run button when the window below appears.


Select your language and click OK button.


Click Continue button to continue the Installation.


Opt for “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” and click Install button.


Wait for several minutes before the installation is completed.


After the installation is finished, click Exit.


How to Remove WeatherBuddy with SpyHunter

Run Spyhunter-> select Start a New System Scan-> click Scan Computer Now!


The computer scan will take several minutes.


After the scan, all infections have been detected and shown in the screen. Users can click the plus sign (+) to get information of detect items.


You can select one or more items, and then click “Fix Threats” to clean up all detected items.

Restart the computer to apply all changes.

note1Tips for Protecting Your Computer from Attack

  1. Install a good antivirus program like Avast, Norton or SpyHuter, which can protect your computer from attack.
  2. Take care of strange email and email attachments.
  3. Install a pop-up blocker in your browser.
  4. Update Windows and your antivirus program regularly.
  5. Always remember to choose Advanced/Custom Installation when you are downloading a program.
  6. Back up registry files and important data regularly.
  7. Keep a distance away from suspicious websites filled with pop-ups.
Warm Note: WeatherBuddy is an unfriendly program which delivers tons of annoying ads. You can remove browser ad-ons and uninstall suspicious programs via Windows standard Add/Remove Program. However, the manual method is not enough for complete removal. Please install the anti-malware removal tool to delete all malicious files and programs running on your computer.


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