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My Chrome browser may be infected by malware. The homepage changes to which looks nothing different from Google search. I almost think that I am using Google when I utilize this search engine. But it is not Google at all. I have no idea how this happen but it just automatically appears as homepage suddenly. Should I remove it? How?

Have you tried many solutions but still can not remove This is a stubborn browser hijacker which can come hack if you have not cleaned all related data. To completely delete, click to download efficient malware removal tool now!




What is is a legitimate search site but it is classified as browser hijacker because it hijacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on computer. For the first sight, most users could not distinguish this page and Google search page because all things contain on this homepage are copied from Google. The search result page is another copy of Google. That is why users do not realize the change of homepage and search engine because they look nothing different from the one they are using before. However, this site belongs to virus family which is under the category of annoying threats from the internet. This post is written to show the true face of and make all the possible risks contained by this threat clear. To be more detailed, this is a kind of browser hijacker. Moreover, it is legitimate software but not illegal even it is not recommended to download on a PC system. Although there is no a specific line between good and bad software. Here are also some features that malicious programs contain and so far, this browser hijacker is likely to be found forcibly replacing default settings. Besides, such program is created to spy on privacy activities on web browsers and gather personal data as well. Additional browser helper objects will be installed on infected browsers with a view to prevent settings reset. It causes homepage modification with the help of a tiny little bundle process. Under the purpose of replacing search engine and homepage as well as collecting personal details, this browser hijacker performs invisible changes. It is advised to remove with no hesitation.





There is a obvious sign indicating that your computer is infected by redirect virus when you find a new site named is taking over your web browsers after opening. This is a browser hijacker type of threat that usually hides behind other free downloads. As a untrustworthy search provider, it is undoubtedly unnecessary to install. Its installation is so sneaky that it is covered by third parties. Google Chrome, Firefox and IE web browsers are the main targets of such threat for it aims at changing the default browser settings. The search results offered by this site are related to commercial ads and links for the reason that this is a sponsored search engine. No matter what keywords are searched with this search engine, all results contain advertising links that once clicked will caused redirection to other sites. For the purpose of marketing related programs and products, this threat gathers browsing cookies as well as other private information and makes fully use of them. In conclusion, this search engine is not safe to use.


Reminder: If your computer is attacked by malware and you are redirected to or similar sites, you are advised to clean your machine with professional malware removal tool. Immediate actions need to be taken to deal with such malware because it will damage your system and steal your privacy. For identity safe and system security, click to download professional tool now.




Problems Caused by

Common symptoms caused by this browser hijacker will be listed as following. When your computer is attacked by this malware, you will encounter problems like:


The default homepage, search engine and every new tab have been changed to another one which is done without no permission.

Your web browser loads slowly no matter how many tabs you want to open.

You are redirected to suspicious websites when you type something in the URL bar. The website you are redirected are not the one you type.

Ransom pop up ads appear while you are scanning regular contents and those ads should not appear.

New toolbar and bookmarks are added to browser but you have not clicked to save any one of them.

Strange shortcuts are added to desktop but you have not installed them. When you click them, you will automatically open a tab on browser.



How Does Distribute

Redirect virus uses variety delivery channels. In many cases, redirect takes advantage of application bundles. However, most of PC users do not realize the importance of freeware and shareware downloads. The unknown pages is not safe for they can not give you any security guarantee when you download or install some free programs from those sites. PC users are easy to install some unwanted programs when downloading the third party programs.

Safe Guide to Remove

Browser hijacker like is stubborn which can not be removed by simply uninstalling related program and deleting links. Apart from program and links, you still need to clean all registry entries added by this malware and all files and folder created by it. To fully get rid of, two removal methods will be provided below. The automatic removal method is safe and quick. But if you want to do it yourself, you can follow the manual removal guide step by step. Do be careful that the manual removal should be concentrated because any mistaken deletion will lead to more troubles.


Automatic Removal Guide

Considering that most computer users are not familiar with malware removal, especially browser hijacker removal, we provide safe and quick removal instruction. You can download professional malware removal tool below which will completely scan the entire system for you. All potential malware will be listed in scan results.



If this tool does not detect on your computer, you can contact our PC expert to get one to one custom support.


Manual Fix Guide

The manual removal method is not recommended because it requires certain removal skills. If you are not familiar with malware deletion, please back to auto fix guide to avoid further damages.


Step 1 Remove from Browsers

Instruction for Internet Explorer

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Internet Explorer shortcut in Desktop or Start menu and select
  • In Target, delete link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Internet
  • In Homepage under General tab, delete link if you find it.


  • Click Apply and then OK button to apply changes.

Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Tools menu, and then select Manage
  • Go to Search providers tab, pick among search engines and delete it if you find


Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Mozilla Firefox shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select Properties.firefox-playbar-properties1
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select Options.win8-ff-options-1
  • In Homepage section under General tab, delete the browser hijacker’s website link if you find it.


  • Move mouse to click a blank area to apply all changes.


Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Search tab by clicking Search in left side.fiefox-search
  • Pick the unwanted search engine among search engines and delete it if you find




Instruction for Google Chrome

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Google Chrome shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted arguments if you find it.



Set Startup page :

  • Type chrome://settings in the browser’ address
  • Click Set pages (a blue link beside Open a specific page or set of pages).chrome-setpages
  • In the Startup pages window, delete harmful page link by clicking x.


  • Click OK button to close the window.


Set Homepage:

  • Click Change under Show Home
  • In the Home page window, delete the malicious homepage link.


  • Click OK button to close the window.



Step 2 Find and Delete Registry Entries

  • Open Start menu and click Run dialogue.


  • Type regedit and hit Enter key.8regedit
  • In the Registry Editor window, click File and select Find…editfind
  • Type in the search box and hit Enter key.
  • Delete detected items related to
  • Repeat the above steps until the window below appears.fin nothing


Note: Manually removing is not an easy job, because it requires users to finish several complicated steps. If you have difficulty in removing although reading the above removal guide, then just download and use a powerful removal tool without hesitation.


PC Protection Tips

Stay Away from Undefined Pop Ups

Definitely, will attract users with random pop ups which always appear in the corner of browser tab or desktop corners. Those pop ups will lead to unwanted downloads once they have been clicked by users.


Regularly Scan the Entire System

It is dangerous that the redirect virus can attack the computer whenever it wants. For the sake of prevent the computer system from being attack, it is necessary to perform a full-time scan every now and then to detect all potential threats and remove them from system in time.


Download internet resources from authoritative sites

Do be careful and cautious when installing resources from network which is not always safe. This is not safe for users to download third party programs from random sites although most of users would like to choose.




It can be dangerous if users get access to This site is defined to be a browser redirect virus which can attack both windows computer and Mac machines. |Such threat has the ability to bring chaos onto the affected system after the invasion. Hence, users will receive random pop up ads once they start up the infected computer. The performance of the computer system will become more and more weird and slower on condition that this redirect keeps staying on the computer.




The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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