How to Remove Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX

I got malware on computer! I just bought it for almost a month. I had an old desktop so I just used this one for editing some files. As I did not use it to play games, I did not have downloaded any antivirus software on it. But just today, I found the Chrome browser on it had been attacked by Search.Yac.MX. I also found some new programs appear at apps list. I have not downloaded anyone of them.


To fully remove Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX, you can download professional removal tool now.



More about Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX

Yet Another Cleaner is a third party program which is categorized as potentially unwanted program. This program will bring a browser hijacker to the affected computer named Search.Yac.MX. As long as there is a program named Yet Another Cleaner on computer, there must be a browser hijacker, too. In fact, the program itself is legitimate and it will not harm system like virus through changing system settings. Actually, this is a legitimate tool and so are its services. But there are many posts we can find through the internet which say that this is virus. It is not. The reason why we say that it is a PUP is that even it is not a virus. It is difficult to be removed from computer. Most computer users get this program installed after installing other software. The option of installing this program can be in checkbox. We are able to choose to install it from the start. However, majority users do not realize that and just click next and next option to install all bundles. These users will finally find this program is installed after they sees a new program appears in app lists and a new homepage is set in web browser.




Search.Yac.MX is a search engine provided by Yet Another Cleaner. This homepage comes along with its software and it will automatically change default homepage setting at the beginning. Unlike browser hijackers, this homepage and its search provider can be changed by modifying settings of browsers. Though this is legitimate software, there are still many users want to remove it as they get many other problems.



As more and more users report this program and its website, the download page of this program is blocked by web browser as a unwanted software site. Even the official download of it is blocked, it can still get installed on computer by attaching to other installers like a additional bundle.


Problem Caused by Yet Another Cleaner


“The default YAC uninstaller did not work after trying using automatically uninstaller to remove its program. Its build-in uninstaller can be corrupted by other program.”


” I uninstalled it from control panel and It did say that the uninstall was finished. But I found that only shortcut disappeared after uninstalling. There were still two process worked in my computer. It was sure that this program was still in my computer as there were many files and folders I could find.”


“YAC did not remove the malware i targeted even through it advertised that it could. So I finally removed the malware or I may call it PUP manually through typing in the name in the search bar. After that, I deleted everything I could find.”


” It was so difficult to remove even after I tried everything I could think of. I was so angry that I could only do a system backup and back to the previous point where I did not get this program. I really did that and it took me a long time to complete.”


” Nothing happened when I clicked to remove YAC from the control panel. It was constantly changing the start pages in all installed browsers on my computer. What’s more, it opened lots of adware on all search pages. The system become slow when this program was running.”


According to the problems provided by users, it seems like a lot of them are facing the same trouble. The uninstalling of this program is difficult as developers do not make it easy to uninstall for starters. According to the developers of YAC, the change of home page is to offer a safer search for users. But it looks like many users do not want it and refuse to accept its claims.



If you want to remove Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX, please follow the guides below.


Note: Below is a manual removal guide which includes some professional steps. If you are not expert-level user, you should not try the manual removal guide. Instead, you are recommended to use removal tool to get rid of Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX automatically.




How to Remove Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX


Below is a manual removal guide which tells you how to get rid of Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX properly. You should follow all steps one by one. To avoid any mistaken deletion, you better back up your crucial files and data before starting.


Step one. Uninstall Program from Control Panel

Click on Start button, select Control Panel.


Choose Category from the View drop-down menu in upper-right corner, and click on Uninstall a program.

orange-win7 control panel

Select suspicious software and click Uninstall button.



Step two. Reset web browser settings

Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • Go to Adcanced tab, click Reset… button.


  • Make sure that you want to reset all browser settings, and then check Delete personal settings and click Reset.


  • Click Close to complete resetting.



Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, go to Settings tab and click Show advanced settings…


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, find Reset settings and then click it.


  • Click Reset when the window below pops up.



Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select ? (Help Menu).orange-win8-helpmenu
  • Select Troubleshooting Information.


  • Click Refresh Firefox button.



  • Click Finish to complete resetting.





Step three. Search and delete files and folders in computer

Click computer icon and open compute window, put Yet Another Cleaner in search box at the top right corner.


Delete all associated tiles and folders in search result.



To make sure all things are removed, you better search YAC again in search box.


Step four. Locate and remove associated


Open Run dialogue by pressing Windows + R key.



Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.



In the Registry Editor, click Edit and then select Find…



Search for items related to Yet Another Cleaner ( type the name of the link in the search box and hit Enter key).



Delete detected items after the searching is completed.



Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up.


Close the Registry Editor. (To make sure all things are removed, you better search YAC again in search box.)


The manual removal may fail to delete Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX if you miss any step. Sometime Yet Another Cleaner and Search.Yac.MX could be very stubborn if it has block its uninstaller and make it unable to be activated. Even it is not a kind of malware, it still can be removed by malware removal tool as a PUP. So, to completely expurgate all program, files and data of it, you can download malware removal tool below.



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