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I think I download a virus from a kind of pop up virus! I get a facebook pop up window which says there is something wrong with my account. I click it and it seems like there is something downloading. I check the download window of browser, but it shows nothing is downloading. So, I just close all tabs and restart browser. The homepage is suddenly changed to! How can I stop it?



To completely remove browser hijacker, you need to delete all associated links from infected browser and clean all registry entries installed by this virus. You can delete virus directly by clicking below to download malware removal tool. Or you can follow the manual removal guide listed in this post.




What is is a newly released redirect virus which is created by criminals so as to reach the goal of making illegal profits. When the first time we see this site may regard it as a regular site with no threats for the interface of it is so convincing. For this reason, tons of net users have been cheated by it and set it to be the default homepage without thinking. Even at the beginning most net users will be tricked by its clean and convincing interface, however, the fact is that this is a malicious site, being capable of replacing default homepage and search engine so as to display random pop up ads to promote third parties like sponsor websites, and that is the main reason why you get commercial search results instead of regular results. After unwillingly getting this site on your computer along with free application, the truth will be verified that this search engine does not provide any reliable results. What is more dangerous is that your sensitive details will be collected by this search sites and then send to other partners even remote hackers. Most of time, this browser hijacker is distributed via attaching to adware program, malware and other suspicious infections. Also, t allows additional objects to be installed on the computer, such as browser ass-ons, extensions, browser helper objects and plugins aggressively. What is more, the computer runs more slower than before for this browser hijacker not only threatens web browsers but also infect system loading as well. the poor performance and network connection are all caused by this browser hijacker. As a result, victims will be interrupted by system shout down or death when doing something important on the affected computer. Some antivirus software can not remove this browser hijacker for they can be affected by this threat, too. Under this situation, it is highly recommended to remove it manually.



As a matter of fact, this is not considered as a computer virus but a potential unwanted site which can not be detected by most antivirus software. But, some powerful antivirus software can find its trace and warn you via displaying adware detection on the screen. However, there are some antivirus software can detect it out but do not have the ability to remove it from computer system completely. Even you choose to remove it manually, it also can attack your computer again once there are any leftovers are left. So, it is not a really computer virus but it introduces dangerous threats to computer. While it is used for online searching, its main purpose will be showed that it redirects your search results to sponsored websites including Trojan virus, keyloggers and backdoors. Thus, it can be said that the search results provided by this site are considered to be fake and not reliable for they connect you to some suspicious websites. The redirection is not easy to stop for it is forcible, even all the new tabs are going to be opened on the infected web browsers are hijacked, too. Also, some users still report that this site can not be able to remove from the infected browses and the settings it has changed can not be reset. The reason is that this browser hijacker has inserted some malicious codes to prevent itself to be removed so easily. What is more, some unwanted toolbars, plugins and extension will be added to the target web browsers, making it more difficult to use. As a result, the infected web browser will be taken full control by this redirect virus, redirecting net users to some insecure websites. Other potential unwanted programs will be installed on the system with no one knows.


How can Your Computer Being Infected


Many victims reported that their computer is infected by browser virus which can enter the computer system without any authorization. The attacks of those browser redirect virus are invisible. Under this situation, victims may have no idea about how to deal with such virus. Usually, redirect virus comes under many ways. Many browser hijackers are spread through bundling with free applications. The process of browser hijacker will be added to other installer as a additional PUP. The download of free installer or bundled installer will lead to infection of browser hijacker. That is the reason why you are advised to always select Custom Install but not recommended Install to avoid malware. If you just click next and next button to quickly complete the installation, To avoid malware, you should learn more about malware distribution.



  1. It can bundle with third party applications and performs its installation when other programs are installing onto the computer system.
  2. It can be distributed via spam email attachments which look nothing malicious.
  3. It can hides behind suspicious links. Its creators and developers can implant it into those hijacked sites.
  4. It can be downloaded from different sites which can be already controlled by Cyber criminals.


Besides these, you need to be careful about screen pop up ads and fake security warnings. Most pop up contents are used for promoting third parties. They can be the carriers of a browser hijacker, adware and PUP. In addition, some malicious pop-ups in some websites may also download and install potentially unwanted programs or even malicious programs on your PC if your click on them. So you need to be cautious of pop-ups when viewing unknown web pages or unverified websites.


How to Remove is a dangerous virus because it may collect your personal details and send them to remote hackers. At that time, your sensitive account and financial privacy can be stolen. This browser hijacker may be able to come back again if you do not completely delete all data of it.

Automatic Fix Guide

Download malware removal tool to remove and other threats automatically from browsers and system. This tool provides free scan for you so that you can find all potential threats on system. You can choose to fix all issues automatically or find tnreats locations with the help of scan results and them unisntal all viruses manually.



If this tool does not detect on your computer, you can contact our PC expert to get one to one custom support.



Manual Removal Guide

StepⅠ Remove from Your Browsers

Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome. At the top right, click oricon and select Settings.


Set Startup page:

  • Click Set pages (a blue link beside Open a specific page or set of pages).


  • In the Startup pages window, delete the website by clicking×.


  • Click OK button to close the window.

Set Homepage:

  • Click Change under Show Home button.


  • In the Home page window, delete the website.


  • Click OK button to close the window.

Set Search engines:

  • Click Mange search engines…


  • Delete all items of the website and click Done button.


  • Close Google Chrome and navigate to the desktop.
  • Right click on the icon of Google Chrome and then select Properties.


  • In the Target section, delete the website if you find it. The suspicious link is usually at the end of the path.


  • Reminder: The correct path is “*:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” (* may be Disk C, D, E or F). If you find the path is wrong, you should change it.
  • Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.
Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer. At the top right, click Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • In the General tab, delete the website if you find it or click Use new tab.


  • Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.
  • Right click on the icon of Internet Explorer and then select Properties.


  • In the Target section, delete the website if you find it. The suspicious link is usually at the end of the path.


  • Reminder: The correct path is “*:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” (* may be Disk C, D, E or F). If you find the path is wrong, you should change it.
  • Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Mozilla Firefox. At the top right, click icon and select Options.


  • In the General tab, delete the website if you find it and click a blank area to apply the change.



  • Close Firefox and navigate to the desktop.
  • Right click on the icon of Mozilla Firefox and then select Properties.


  • In the Target section, delete the website if youfirefox-shortcut find it. The suspicious link is usually at the end of the path.


  • Reminder: The correct path is “*\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” (* may be Disk C, D, E or F). If you find the path is wrong, you should change it.
  • Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Step Ⅱ Find and Delete Registry Entries

  • Press Win+R keys to open Run dialog box.


  • Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.


  • In the Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…


  • Search for the website and delete detected items after the searching is completed.
  • find-registry
  • Click F3 key to search for next items.
  • Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up. fin nothing“Registry Editor has finished searching through the registry”
  • Close the Registry Editor.


To conclude, browser hijacker will take over all installed browsers one by one if you do not remove it in time. As it usually comes to your computer by using a piece of third party, it is a sign indicating that there may be other malware on your computer which come along with this threat. As a result, deleting this browser hijacker only is not able to secure your computer because other potential risks may control system and make this virus come back to hack browser again. As this browser hijacker is created by hackers to generate traffic, it will not stop infecting installed web browsers.


The manual removal may fail to get rid of if there is anything associated is not removed. It may creates different codes on different computers so that the location of its files and registry entries is not the same. The manual removal guide above is only a common method used to deal with browser hijacker. For those stubborn browser hijackerslike, you need to download professional anti-malware tool.




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