How to Remove SocialHub Ads Effectively

Hello, this is Jones. I have been troubled by numerous ads shown on the screen. These ads are supported by SocialHub and pops up randomly. Wherever I am doing, those ads always stop me from visiting normally after I open my computer. I have tried to close them but useless. The × mark seems to be a ornament. Clicking on × is merely a temporary solution because annoying ads will pop up within several minutes. What do you think of the problem? Is there a simple and useful way to remove ads completely? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Re: Eh, well, I’m not good at fixing the computer. But fortunately, I also encounter the same problem and solve it successfully. Here is the removal guide that you can refer to, good luck to you.


What is SocialHub


SocialHub is a program which provides with YouTube video download service (click here to know about YouTube). However, computer users have to tolerate a large number of unwanted ads while they are enjoying download service. Although its download service is excellent, negative effects of the program are serious. The purpose of SocialHub is gaining profit from online advertisements. Even though the download service actually exists, users also can’t ignore its disadvantage. The program supports and displays various ads including banners, coupons, discounts, offers, pop ups and so on. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with advertisements, but they become problems when the number of them exceeds a limit that computer user can tolerate. Unlike advertisements in real life, online pop ups will occurs within seconds although you have tried to close them. When you encounter a large number of ads, you need to be careful. There must be an unwanted application that supports these ads installed on your computer. You shouldn’t click on ads caused by the program before find a solution.


Once click on ads provided by the program, computer users are easily switched to unreliable websites. The advertising mode is called “Pay Per Click”. For the developers, they can earn money from pay per click. For users, they suffer harassment from online advertisement. To promote ads better, the developers try to keep track of users’ browsing activities and learn about their preference. That’ why some users will find recent pop-up ads are related to topics or contents they focus on. The phenomenon above shows that developers may get users’ important information such as IP addresses, cookies and account. In fact, most of programs will read users’ information automatically after you allow it to get installed on your computer. Some reliable programs claim to provide user with better service. That’s not say it is wrong. However, you should make sure that the program is reliable before you use the program. Identify theft or issues are caused by the evil developers’ illegitimate using of users’ information. Hence, you should uninstall SocialHub and remove its traces as soon as possible.



How Did SocialHub Get Installed on Your Computer?


Some users download and install SocialHub voluntarily due to the need of downloading videos. Many tools for downloading videos are from third party platforms. But it is not sure that all third party programs are safe and reliable. There are many programs which pretends to be another kind of programs in order to attract users’ attention. Instead of offering download service, some programs is done for promoting third party contents like sponsored ads or links. Computer users are advised to choose reputable tools. Downloading and installing many programs blindly means that bringing junk files into the system and weakening computer performance.


Other users get the program installed on their computer by mistake. The developers promote the application by using the bundling technique, which is regarded as popular distribution methods. Although the deceive technique is known to all, some users still fall into the trap created the developers because of carelessness and experience. To avoid similar the matter, users are advised to choose Custom or Advanced setup type rather than Standard setup type. Options will be listed below Custom setup type. Users need to deselect unwanted options, especially items related to the browser hijacker. But it is not a 100% method of preventing unwanted programs. If it still gets installed on your computer, you’d better remove it as soon as possible with the help of the removal guide.



*Know about Youtube Video Download Service


In principle, YouTube (a website where people can watch and upload videos) doesn’t offer video download service. So users take advantage of third-party tool to download online videos. There are various kinds of third-party tools. In general, you just copy the URL of the video to the blank box of the program, and then the program will provides videos with a variety of formats to meet user needs. Computer users should be more careful whiling choosing a reliable application. SocialHub also belongs to the kind of software. But it is not a good choice. In addition to third-party software, users can visit helper sites like or use browser add-ons to download videos. No matter which approach you choose, you should read relevant information carefully and avoid installing unreliable items. But you should know downloaded video files shouldn’t be not for dissemination, but for your private use.




Summary about SocialHub

Threat Name SocialHub
Category Browser Hijacker; Potentially Unwanted Program
Threat Level bar
Activity 1. Deliver random ads including pop ups, banners, offers and so on.2. Add unwanted extensions and toolbars to your browser.

3. Display unwanted search results and others’ information.

4. Divert search results to certain website.

5. Degrade your browsing experience.

Distribution Methods Via browsing strange websites, installing freeware or shareware or peer-to-peer sharing
Removal Instruction Read the post or download the detection & removal tool!



Automatic Removal Instruction of SocialHub (Recommended)

Manual Removal Instruction of SocialHub

Disable Startup Programs Related to SocialHub

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Remove Relevant Browser Extensions

Reset Your Browser (optional)

Clean up Registry Entries of SocialHub

Automatic Removal Instruction of SocialHub


Option 1: Remove SocialHub with SpyHunter


SpyHunter is a useful detection & removal tool with high DNS protection. It aims at assisting computer users in preventing their computer from Browser Hijacker, adware, PUP, Trojan, rootkits and so on. Any detected computer threats can be removed by SpyHunter. Thus, what you need is to download the removal tool and remove malicious items as soon as possible.


Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below.


Open the downloaded file (SpyHunter) to begin the installation, and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.


After selecting your language, click OK button.


Press CONTINUE button.


Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


Click Exit button after the installation is completed.


After the installation is completed, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you should lauch SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! by yourself.


The system scan is in process.


After the scan is complete,  all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected will be shown as a list. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.


Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is complete.


Option 2: Remove SocialHub with PCKeeper Antivirus.

Download PCKeeper Antivirus by clicking the button below.


Open downloaded file and Install PCKeeper Antivirus by clicking Start Install button.


It takes several minutes to gather data about installed security programs and configuring the antivirus.


After Gathering Data is complete, click Full Scan or Custom Scan button.


  • Full Scan is recommended if you want to check the whole system for viruses.
  • Custom Scan is recommended if you want to quickly check specific files or folders.


When the scan is done, you should check the box beside File Name and then Add to Quarantine or click Delete button


Can’t find the program in scan result? Or encounter more computer problems? Don’t be worry, PCKeeper Antivirus provides you with one-to-one assistance from computer specialists. With computer experts’ help, any computer problems can be resloved. Now, please click Show Support Bar at the right side and open your online chat!


Restart the system if you are required by the PCkeeper Anvivirus.



Manual Removal Instruction of SocialHub


Disable Startup Programs Related to SocialHub


For Windows 8/10


Open Task Manager by right clicking on the blank area of the Taskbar and select Task Manger


To see more options and programs, it is advised to click on the down arrow button beside More details.


Go to Startup tab, and then all programs which start up when the system boots will be listed.


Right click on your target program and select Disable or highlight and then click on Disable button at the lower right corner.

Reboot the system before the changes take effect.


For Windows 7/Vista/XP


Press Windows + R key to initiate Run dialogue box


Type “msconfig” in the search box and then hit Enter key.


Go to Startup tab, and then all start-up programs will be shown in the list.


Deselect your target program or select your wanted programs, and then click on Apply button.

Reboot the system for the changes to take effect.



Uninstall Unwanted Programs


For Windows 10


Click the Start button on the task bar, select Settings.win10-settings-2


Go to System, and then select Apps & features in the


Highlight SocialHub or suspicious programs in the right-hand list, and then click on Uninstall button.


Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it.


For Windows 8


Move the mouse to the lower-left corner and wait for image-win8-startbutton button to appear.

Right click on  and select Programs and Features from the pop-up menu.


Currently installed programs are displayed in a list, you need to find unwanted programs and uninstall them.


Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it.



For Windows 7 User


Click on Control Panel from Start menu, which is opened by clicking on Start button on the lower left corner of the screen.


Choose View by Category from the drop-down list and click on Uninstall a program.


Find unwanted programs from the right-hand list and then click on Uninstall button.


Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it.


For Windows XP


Click Start button on the task bar, and then select Control Panel from the list.


Click Add or Remove Programs after switching to Category view.


Select SocialHub from the list, click Remove button.


Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it.


Note: Can’t identify suspicious programs related to the program among many programs? Still can’t remove it from your computer completely? The program comes back and get installed on your computer? Why not try automatic removal tools? Using an automatic removal is helpful for  saving time and efforts.



Remove Relevant Browser Extensions


Internet Explorer


Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Manage Add-ons.


In Toolsbars and Extensions, select All add-ons in the drop-down menu of Show.


Select unwanted extensions in the list and click Disable button.


Reset Internet Explorer (optional).


Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome, click Menu button and select More tools/Tools, and then click Extensions.


Select unwanted extensions in Extensions tab, and then click trash icon or uncheck Enabled check trash bin icon


Reset Google Chrome (optional)

Mozilla Firefox


Open Mozilla Firefox, click Menu button and select Add-ons.


Select unwanted extensions related to the program in the list, click Disable or Remove button.


Go to Plugins tab, select unwanted plug-ins and choose Never Activate in the drop down menu.


Reset Mozilla Firefox (optional)


Open Opera, click Menu button (Opera icon) on the top left corner.


Select Extensions and Manage extensions (or press Ctrl + Shift + E).opera-manage-extensions

Select suspicious extensions, and then click “×” mark or click Disable button.


Reset Opera (optional)



Open Safari, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Preferences…


Go to Extensions tab, select unwanted extensions in the list and click Uninstall button or uncheck Enable check box.safari-extension-win7


Reset Safari (optional)


Reset Your Browser (optional)


If you find the SocialHub extension in the browser, you’d better reset your browser, which can return your browser to its default state when no problems occur. You’d better back up your bookmarks if you think they are important.


Internet Explorer


Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button and select Internet Options.


Go to Advanced tab, click Reset…


A window pop up, check the box of Delete personal settings and click Reset.


Click the Close button.


Restart IE.


Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome, click Menu button and select Settings.


Click Show advanced settings… at the bottom of the page.


Click Reset settings, and then click Reset.


Restart Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox, click Menu button and press ? (Help Menu) button.


Select Troubleshooting Information.


Click Refresh Firefox.


Click Finish button to complete the import process.


Restart Firefox.




Open Opera, click Menu button (Opera icon) and go to Clear browsing data.


Select items that you want to delete and click Clear browsing data button.



Restart Opera.


Open Safari, Click Tools button or Safari, select Reset Safari.


Select items you want to clean and click Reset.


Restart Safari.


Clean up Registry Entries of SocialHub


Type “regedit” in the search box and select “regedit.exe” from search results.


Click Edit on the top bar and then select Find…


Type “SocialHub” in the search box and hit Enter key.


Right click on detected item and then click Delete

Search for next item and delete it.


All detected items has been removed when you see the window below appears.




Note: Can’t detect nothing related to SocialHub? You can divide the word into parts and search for these parts. In order to avoid mistaken deletion, you’d better back up registry entries. If you aren’t familiar with registry editor, you can take consider into anti-malware programs in the post, which can detect and remove relevant registry entries related to the adware completely.


Sweet Advice:

SocialHub  isn’t merely a tool for downloading YouTube video, but an ad-supported program. Like adware-type programs, it encourages and delivers various advertisements. However, user don’t know its disadvantage until they have installed the program. To gain revenue, the developers only rely on promoting ads because the download videos service is free. But the advertising mode (pay per click) they use  isn’t welcomed by computer users. According to users’ feedback, they can’t tolerate a large number of ads, especially the situation when they have closed the program. Computer users see annoying ads because the program is running on the background. As time goes on, these ads not only decrease your experience but also slow down the running speed of the system. You can stop the process related to program by using Task Manager (right click on Taskbar and select Task Manager). But it  isn’t a permanent way of stopping the process every time. Hence, computer users are advised to uninstall the program as soon as possible and choose ads-free program for downloading videos. If you are difficulty in removing the program, you can follow the removal guide above or click the button below to get an effective removal tool, which uninstall the Adware safely & quickly.






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The following video offers a complete guide for SocialHub adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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