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Google Chrome browser is changed to, how can I remove it? I have already checked at extension but nothing new is found. The new download is uninstalled which I suspend that it may bring this browser hijacker to my computer. Even the program is uninstalled, the problem of Chrome is still not fixed. This browser hijacker becomes my default search engine and I am not able to use other search engines. Can you please give me some advice?

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Learn More about is not a really computer virus, but it does includes some malicious features like containing rookit capabilities, browser-hijack and privacy theft possibilities. So, most computer experts classify it to be a browser hijacker or redirect virus. When it gets installed on computer system, it will start to make modifications on default browser settings like homepage and search engine. All homepage and search engine are replaced by the same site. Whatever you browse on the internet will be spied by this browser hijacker and it aims to show related links and pop ups to make you click on them. The purposes of its displaying pop up contents are to forward your click to its advertising sites so as to boost traffics. Moreover, the sites you are redirected to are not safe that you may get your computer infected by viruses. What is more important, your personal details and financial data will be recorded and stolen by this nasty threat. If you find any trace of this redirect virus, you should be careful that your computer would be infected by browser hijacker or other threats. Thus, you would be better download antivirus removal tool to scan the entire system to find out if there are any potential threats hide on your computer and then remove them as fast as possible.





Most of time, adware programs or we can call it potential unwanted programs, can cause a type of attack named browser redirect virus. Adware acts like a carrier of browser hijacker. As a result, the download of adware program will lead to the infection of more adware and redirect virus or browser hijacker. When the redirect virus has entered your computer, the homepages and search engine will be taken control, and every time you tend to open a new tab, you will get a unwanted site instead. Moreover, the search provider is changed to a unnecessary site that you do not know about. There are many troubles will appear when your computer is infected by this threat, including fake update pop ups, JAVA updates and even some annoying fake alerts pop up massages. This is a way for remote hacker to distribute risky third party programs. Consequently, the click on those fake pop ups and updates will lead to more adware infection or redirect virus attacks to the system.


This site does not considered to be a computer virus, however, the troubles it brings to your computer can be really annoying and dangerous like it causes annoying pop up ads, triggers redirection and makes it can not be deleted from computer. If you want to totally fix all the problems brought by this redirect virus, you can follow the below removal guides step by step carefully.


Why Is Dangerous?

Even is technically not a computer virus, it will harm system by bringing a lot of troubles. If you are asking why this browser hijacker is able to appear on your computer, then you should ask you first. If you have downloaded any new program lately, the program you download could be the reason of this malware. Most browser hijackers can not be detected because they are not real viruses. The infection of browser hijacker can bypass detection of antivirus tools. Redirection made by this malware is not safe because it does not guarantee safety of websites it links. Those third party websites could contain malware because they might be used by hackers. As this website is designed for generating traffics for other sites, it will redirect you to some pages that include random pop up ads. It will be very dangerous if the website is used for malware downloads. Changing browser settings is not its main purpose. What it really wants is to generate pop up ads to promote more products. Through getting your clicks on those ads, it can make profits for its developers because it can earn affiliate revenue. The most dangerous thing is that this website will gather various types of personal details like your search queries, browse history, log in information and other similar details. Your financial information could be collected if you use the affected web browser to transfer them. The information gathered by it will be shared to third parties. some of them may even be sold. For this reason, you privacy will be exposed at risks.


How to Remove

Removing is not difficult. But it is also not easy because the instruction is complicated. The removal process can not be done by simply deleting its links from infected web browsers. Most browser hijackers are really stubborn because as long as there is a link is not removed, it can continue hijacking browser. To completely get rid of, you are recommended to follow the guides below.


Automatic Removal Guide

Considering that most computer users are not familiar with malware removal, especially browser hijacker removal, we provide safe and quick removal instruction. You can download professional malware removal tool below which will completely scan the entire system for you. All potential malware will be listed in scan results.



If this tool does not detect Search.protectedio.comon your computer, you can contact our PC expert to get one to one custom support.



Manual Fix Guide

If you choose to follow manual guide, you need to delete all things manually. The manual removal is not safe for you if you are not able to delete homepage, shortcut, files, folders and registry entries properly.



StepⅠ Remove Search.protectedio.comfrom Your Browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • Go to Adcanced tab, click Reset… button.


  • Make sure that you want to reset all browser settings, and then check Delete personal settings and click Reset.


  • Click Close to complete resetting.



Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, go to Settings tab and click Show advanced settings…


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, find Reset settings and then click it.


  • Click Reset when the window below pops up.



Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select ? (Help Menu).orange-win8-helpmenu
  • Select Troubleshooting Information.


  • Click Refresh Firefox button.



  • Click Finish to complete resetting.




  • Open Opera, select More tools and then click Clear browsing data.


  • Check items you want to clean up, and then click Clear browsing data.




  • Open Safari, click Tools button and then select Reset Safari


  • Select items that you want to reset, and then click Reset button.



StepⅡClean up Registry Entries Related to


  • Press Win+R keys to open Run dialog box.


  • Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.



  • In the Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…


  • Search for items related to ( type in the search box and hit Enter key).
  • Delete detected items after the searching is completed.
  • Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up.


“Registry Editor has finished searching through the registry”

  • Close the Registry Editor.


Tips To Prevent Your Computer from Malware

  • Avoid clicking some sponsored links and sudden pop-up windows when you are surfing the Internet.
  • Always choose Custom installation when installing a program.
  • Don’t download and open email attachment from unknown and suspicious sources.
  • Download and install anti-adware programs and browser extensions like Ad-Block, which prevents your computer from ads and keeps the screen clean.
  • Scan your computer with antivirus programs regularly.

How to develop good searching habits?

      • Make your search item specific. For example, “what is an apple” is much better than “apple question”.
      • Use some search commands. For example, “+”, “-”, “title:”, “site:”and “url:” can effectively improve accuracy.
      • Don’t use unfamiliar search engine, especially with browser hijacker capability.
      • Use wisely search engines. If you don’t find desired information when using a search engine, try another one. Sometimes the search engine will record the web page you browsed and show the same research results.
      • Install browser extensions or antivirus programs to protect your computer from attack when you are browsing web pages.
      • Clean your browsing history regularly in order to not only improve running speed but also prevent your information from being tracked and stolen.

Sum up: redirect virus alters the default homepage and search page forcibly after its secretly installation. Being consistent with other browser redirect treats, it forces you to get access to unwanted sites and help criminals earn money. Most of time, it is spread though bundling with free downloads, malicious emails and attachments. It can hides deep inside your computer system due to its stubborn features. The troubles triggered by it can not be solved easily even you have deleted all its related files. It does not make sense if you try to change browsers for stopping redirect attacks. The wisest choice to deal with such attacks is to download a trustworthy and powerful security tool to protect your computer. Security tool can help you find out all the malicious files and removal all of them at once automatically.




The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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