How to Remove RawPOS Malware

Help! I got a dangerous virus on my computer. It was named RawPOS! It was said that this virus may still my personal details stored on my computer. I googled it on the internet but could not find anything useful to clean computer. Should I restore system? Or can you recommend me any anti-malware tool? It was really urgent to get rid of it. please help. Thanks!

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More about RawPOS Malware

RawPOS Malware, or Point-of-Sale (PoS) RAM scraper malware, is a Trojan virus which is discovered in February 18, 2014. However, the other family members of POS malware have widely documented in operation since 2008. This kind of malware has a long history. Recently, some new RawPOS malware is uncovered by Cylance Consulting Services team as a part of a recent forensics investigation. A lot of retail operations of various sizes have been compromised with this malware and its variants.




This virus mainly attacks Windows based machine all around the world. In reality, this is a simple memory scraper which is in charge of aggregating card data on the victim system. As one of particular family of memory scrapers member, it comes to target computers as simply as we can not imagine. A particularly ugly regular expression is used by it to find card data so that it is able to dump any result in clear-text to one or more dump files. At the beginning, this malware is detected by Trend Micro as TSPY_RAWPOS. Even the history of its family is long, it is still very active lately. The developers of it mainly focus on the lucrative multibillion-dollar hospitality industry. It makes victims in danger through performing identity theft activities. More importantly, the new malware involves new behavior that it steals the driver’s license information from the user to aid in the threat group’s malicious activities.

The Attack of RawPOS Malware



When executed, the Trojan creates the following folder:



It also creates the following file:

[ORIGINAL FOLDER]\memdump\spoolsv.chm


Note: [ORIGINAL FOLDER] is the folder where the Trojan is executed.


The Trojan then searches through the following processes for track one and track two data from credit cards:











Distribution of RawPOS Malware


RawPOS Malware can be bundled with other pieces of malware to attack target machines.

Firstly, it makes use of a Perl2Exe-compiled sample which is used for encrypting and discovered card data. Perl2Exe is a program which bundles a piece of code that is scripted using the Perl language into a Microsoft Windows executable. It can ensure the running process of Perl code can be activated on most Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Secondly, it utilizes a component which is installed as a service, and is responsible for running rawpos and the Perl2Exe sample. To be more detailed, the only purpose of this malware is to ensure rawpos and the Perl2Exe run if the system is restarted.

This malware is installed on computer as a service. The service is true. But the service will be immediately removed and the malware runs on system without the service dependency.


How to Remove RawPOS Malware

Prompt and effective measures should be taken to get rid of RawPOS Malware once any trance of it has been found on computer and before things get worse. On the one hand, it is essential that computer users download professional anti-malware tool to prevent malware.

To get rid of RawPOS Malware:


Clicking the button below to download SpyHunter.


Open the downloaded file (SpyHunter-Installer) to initiate the installation, and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.



After selecting your language, click OK button.ok-spyhunter1


Click CONTINUE button.



Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.



Click Exit button to confirm the completion of the installation.step-6-exit


After the installation is complete, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you need to double-click on the icon of SpyHunter and then Start New Scan by clicking on Scan Computer Now! button.



Don’t close the program while the scanning is on going.



After the scan is completed, all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected will be shown as a list. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.


Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is complete.


new-alert-fa84aNote: If RawPOS Malware is too stubborn to be removed by SpyHunter, you can contact our one to one service to get custom help. We provide professional online helps to resolve technical and stubborn issues to ensure you have maximum protection.


Tips To Avoid RawPOS Malware


Currently, as a mass of reports on computer caused by such malware are all over the news. The security of identity has aroused nationwide concern. This malware will undoubtedly give rise to severe consequence if we turn a blind eye to it. in the first place, it has gained the ability to search and steal driver’s license information which is reported by US cyber-security firm Trend Micro. For those researchers who have not spotted such behavior in a POS malware, it will be surprised that such malware collects driver’s license information. Even more surprising was that this new data collection system was spotted in an ancient PoS malware family, and not in one of the newer players. After that, such malware is built to target and infect computers that run PoS software. It will put the safety of victim’s information under threat by causing identity theft. What is more, it means a mournful waste of time and money to deal with such virus. In addition, the irresponsible behaviors of the malware attack may lead to the risks of the entire computers world.



Along with the advance of the society, more and more technologies and innovations are put forward by computer experts. But the development of malware and hackers technology will never stop. Thus we attach much importance to protecting our computers by leveling up security. Recently there appear a lot of cases that users are attacked by this or that kind of malware. So, we should pay more attention to the information safety on our computer. To begin with, turning on Windows Firewall should be the first step. The default protection of computer should be taken to arouse user’s awareness so that the majority may acquire a comprehensive and basic understanding of how to protect computer. Next, the suspicious email should be blocked because email attachment is a familiar distribution method used by hackers. One ant malicious email attachments file is clicked, malware may take chance to invade computer system. Even email attachment is not the only way to deliver viruses to computer; it is the easiest and cheapest way. Finally, antivirus tool is needed for preventing malware. Though there is no antivirus which can 100% block all types of malware, using antivirus tool can reduce the risks of being attacked.



Living in a high developing internet era, most activities can not do without internet right now. however, there are still many users who do not pay attention to computer security. Without enough protection, computer can be attacked by RawPOS Malware which should be removed timely once found. Most users have no plan for online security or data protection. As a result, these users could be the main targets of threats.





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