How to Remove From Chrome/Firefox/IE

Please help! My Firefox and Chrome were destroyed after installing a new extension. Let me explain how this happened. I installed a new extension in Chrome first and it changed the default homepage to When I opened Firefox and there was a pop up asking me to set something as default. so I just clicked yes without thinking. But right now I found that both browsers were hijacked by browser hijacker. And there may be other malware on computer as both web browsers ran so slow.



What Is is a browser hijacker which makes modification to your browser settings. Most of time, it acts as a search engine that has a simple search service. Like most search engines, it consists of a search box and can help you search information. But it is not designed to help you search fast and safe. More it does do is to show you irrelevant search results or display lost of unwanted advertisements & sponsored links in the list of the search results webpage. In general, browser hijacker is created to generate revenue by pay-per-click.




Don’t expect a good searching service by using the search engine because search results it provides are limited. To increase a site’s ranking in search engines, may make use of blank hat SEO (a kind of SEO strategies which usually doesn’t not obey search engines guidelines) and earn advertising revenue quickly. So, you should take care when using the search engine. In most cases, it works on your computer as a pop-up page. Once it enters your computer, your browser settings will be alter and difficult to restore. The most obvious behavior of is that it always pops up in your browser without your permission. Going deeper, it can alter your default search engine and homepage. Besides, it also hijacks your shortcut of the browser. The registry editor is also inserted by files of the browser hijacker. That is why you can’t delete it completely.


The characteristics of

  • It modifies the DNS and hijacks your browser without your knowledge.
  • It pops up immediately when you want to open a new tab.
  • Search results contain information with tons of ads and spam.
  • It takes replace your default search engine and homepage.
  • It slows down runing spped of your computer.

Thus, you are required to remove as soon as possible.

You are not only one that encounters Many users reflect that they have difficulty in removing the browser hijacker.


  • As grace pullon says, takes place his homepage. Although trying many methods including changing browser settings and reinstalling the browser, the problem is still unsolved. In this case, users are recommended to remove associated registry entries (see Step 3).
  • The words below once again confirms that the browser hijacker actually brings trouble to online life. Want to know where the browser hijacker is from? General, it always bundles with freeware or shareware. For example, when you download “Youtube Downloader HD”, you may click “agree” button without reading the terms carefully. So, is allowed to enter your computer.

Given the above, the browser hijacker is so annoying that computer users should remove it as soon as possible. Please follow the removal guide to delete Removal Guide

Method One Remove Manually

Step 1 Check up Your Browser Settings

Instruction for Internet Explorer
Instruction for Mozilla Firefox
Instruction for Google Chrome

Step 2 Reset Your Browser

Step 3 Delete Registry Entries of the browser hijacker

Step 4 Clean files in the hard drive

Method Two Remove Automatically

Answers to questions

Method One Remove Browser Hijacker Manually

Step 1 Check up Your Browser Settings

The step can be roughly divided into three parts: reset search engine, reset homepage and reset shortcut. The purpose is to remove items related to the malware if you detect them.

Instruction for Internet Explorer

>>>Reset Search Engine

  • Open Internet Explorer, select

Click Search Providers at left side, remove the unwanted search engine if you find it in the right-side list. (firstly set one search engine as default, and then remove the malicious one)

>>>Reset Homepage

  • Open Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.


  • In Homepage section, delete the current website or replace it with your favorite website.


  • Click Apply and OK button to take effect.

>>>Reset Shortcut

  • Navigate to the desktop, right-click on the icon of Internet Explorer and select
  • In Target, highlight the field of the harmful link and hit Delete key.


Click Apply and OK button to take effect.


Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

>>>Reset Homepage

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click Options.win7-firefox-options
  • In Homepage section, delete the current website or type your favorite website.


>>>Reset Search Engine

  • Navigate to Search tab, check up items in the list and remove unwanted search engine if you find it.



>>>Reset Shortcut

  • Navigate to the desktop, right-click on the icon of Mozilla Firefox and select Properties.firefox-playbar-properties1
  • In Target, highlight the field of the unwanted arguments and hit Delete key.


  • Click Apply and OK button to take effect.


Instruction for Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, click Menu button and select Settings.


>>>Reset Startup page

  • In On startup section, click a blue link named Set
  • Delete by clicking × if you find it.


>>>Reset Homepage

  • In Appearance section, click a blue link Change
  • Delete the malicious website link if you find it.


>>>Reset Search engines

  • In Search section, click Mange search engines…chrome-manage-search
  • Delete all items of the threat and click Done button. (You are required to set one search engine as default and then remove the unwanted search engine if it is made as default in the list).


>>>Reset Shortcut

  • Navigate to the desktop, right-click on the icon of Chrome and select
  • In Target, highlight the field of and hit Delete key.


  • Click Apply and OK button to take effect.


Note: Can’t find still pops up although you delete it? Well, it means the browser hijacker don’t be removed completely from your browser. Please continue to read the post and reset your browser. If you feel troublesome, you are recommended to use an automatic removal tool, whose removal steps are easier than manual removal steps.



Step 2 Reset Your Browser

Instruction for Internet Explorer

Open IE → Click Tools button → Select Internet Options → Press Advanced tab → Click Reset → Check the box next to Delete personal settings and click Reset button→ Restart IE



Instruction for Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome → Click Settings → Click Show advanced settings…. → Click Reset settings → Click Reset → Restart Google Chrome




Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox → Click Tools button → Click? (Help Menu) → Select Troubleshooting Information → Click Refresh Firefox → Click Finish button → Restart Mozilla Firefox


Tip: Step 2 will make the browser back to original settings. So, you are adivised to export your bookmarks if you want to save browsing data.

For Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, click File on the top bar and select Import and export…
  • Select Export to a file and click Next.
  • Choose Favorites (you can also include Feeds and Cookies as well ) and click Next.
  • Select the destination and type the name of backup file, and then click Next.
  • All selected items will be saved in HTML file if it is done.


For Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, click Ctrl + Shift + B to open your bookmarks.
  • Press Import and Backup option and then select Back up…
  • Select the file path to save your backups in JSON format.


For Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click (Menu button) and then go to Book manager.
  • Click Organize and then select Export bookmarks to HTML file…

Step 3 Delete Registry Entries of

  • Open Start menu and type “regedit” in search box.typeregedit
  • In Registry Editor, click Edit and then select Find… in the top bar.edit-find
  • Search for associated registry entries, delete detected items if you find them.

Possible Paths (only for references) :

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\S-1-5-21-3318697060-3405326269-2039665713-1001\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\S-1-5-21-3318697060-3405326269-2039665713-1001\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs


  • You’d better repeat 2~3 until a window below pops up.



Step 4 Clean files in the hard drive

To checkup whether leftovers of the browser hijacker are in your computer, please go to File Explorer, and then show your hidden files and delete unwanted items of.


How to Show Hidden files and folders?

Windows XP

Open My Computer, click Tools in the menu bar, and then select Folder Options…


Tap View tab, opt for Show hidden files and folders, click Apply and OK button.



Windows 7

Open My Computer (File Explorer), click Organize in the upper bar and select Folder and serach options.


Tap View tab, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives, click Apply and OK button.



Windows 8/10

  1. Open File Explorer, click View tab in the upper bar.win8-view
  2. Click Change Folder and search option.change-folder
  3. Tap View tab, opt for Show hidden files, folders, and drives, click Apply and OK button.




Tip: It is a not difficult task for computer users to remove the browser hijacker. However, the manual removal guide may takes more time if you are not experienced in computer. Any wrong operation may lead to bad results, especially in Step 4. In order to avoid deletion of files, you are recommended to use a professional tool to remove completely.

Method Two Remove Automatically

Option 1: Remove the Browser Hijacker with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a powerful detection & removal tool with high DNS protection. It aims to assist computer users in preventing their computer from browser hijacker, PUP, Trojan and so on. The removal tool is easy and safe to operate. Even the novice computer users can operate the tool freely. Under the protection of SpyHunter, your computer will keep in good condition.

  • Download SpyHunter from the button below.


  • Open the downloaded file to begin the installation. And then Click Run button to continue when a window pops up as below.2
  • After selecting your language, click OK button.ok-spyhunter1
  • Click Continue button.continue1
  • Click Install button after opting for “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy”.install3
  • Click Exit button after the installation is completed.step-6-exit
  • After the installation, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you need to launch SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! button.scan
  • The system scan is in process.scanning
  • After the scan is completed, the screen will show you all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.shopperpro-syphunter-result
  • Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is completed.

Under the protection of SpyHunter, your browser won’t be hijacked by these browser hijackers. For example, it will send your warnning and help you restore settings when a browser hijacker like tries to change your DNS settings.


Here are some answers to questions we think you may ask

Q1: I can’t change default search engine because the window “This settings is enforced by your administrator” pops up.

A: Go to C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy and Open each subdirectory there and change the *.pol files to *.sav. Secondly, run Regedit.exe and delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome. Finally, restart your Chrome and change your default search engine.


Q2: Registry editor always crashes when I run it.

A: It will be a difficult task if you don’t back up registry files. You are recommended to download a security tool which has the same function as Windows registry editor.


Q3: What should I do my pc is very slow and when I try to start program it takes 2 minute or more?

A: There may be too many startup programs in your computer. Please open “Run” dialogue box, type “msconfig” and clik it. The System Configuration main window will pop up, you should press Startup tab and then unselect items you don’t want to launch. Finally click OK and restart your computer.

Good Advice: In a word, is an annoying browser hijacker, which not only changes your browser settings without your permission but also degrades computer performance. So you shouldn’t keep it on the computer. The post introduces two removal guide. Compared to automatic manual guide, manual removal guide is more complicated and time-costing. If you are computer beginner, you may make mistakes during the manual process. Therefore, it is recommended to use automatic removal tool.





The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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