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All my browsers are hijacked! I was trying to download something new. However, I could not find the official website so I just downloaded a exe file from the website I did not know. The website looked safe and I just installed it quickly without thinking. But I made a mistake because it turned out it was a dangerous thing as it made my browsers be infected by browser hijacker.




About is an unreliable search engine oriented for careless users who are always redirected to undesirable web pages. The website may imitate well-known browsers like Google, Bing and Yahoo, even embed them into its own appearance, which successfully deceive most novice users. Compared to those powerful search engines, the search engine offers useless search results. In fact, it works for designers rather than computer users. Designers are waiting for careless users to fall into a trap.




Designers take advantage of the fake search engine to keep track of your browsing history and collect your sensitive information. You will possibly get into trouble instead of benefiting from the browser hijacker. What annoys computer users is that the browser hijacker always redirects you to its own website or other unknown websites. Besides default homepage and search engine, it also changes shortcuts and startup items. If you want to switch it to original settings, you’d better get rid of it completely as soon as possible.


Below are other problems you may encounter:

  • Unwanted add-ons, extensions or plug-ins are installed without your permission.
  • Your browsing activity will be tracked and personal information may be collected and stolen.
  • Running speed of the system becomes slow.
  • Computer performance degrades heavily.


What kinds of computer users are easily attacked by


In general, computer beginners easily encounter malware like the browser hijacker because they are unfamiliar with their computer. The “tragedy” usually appear while beginners are exploring the network world. However, over time, they will begin to think more seriously about computer security. Careless users are another kind of people who are easily attacked by the pest. Carelessness will lead to mistakes, which may occur repeatedly. It is not a disease but one of human traits. To avoid careless mistakes, you need the help of external power like some useful tools, which can remind you of important things.


How did Your Computer get infected with?


Most computer users gave their permission for entry of the browser hijacker but they don’t remember. Sometimes it will be attached to some programs and hide itself in the “Custom”/Advanced settings while you are installing these programs. In this case, your approval means wrong decision. Besides, it can also enter your computer via spam emails or attachments, sponsored links, strange websites, freeware and so on. Careless users are easily caught in these trap designed by evil hackers. To prevent it from your computer, you’d better be cautious while downloading or download an anti-malware program, which provides your computer with multi-layers protection.


Tip: There is not only one method to remove this stubborn threat. Based on users’ feedback, more people tend to use the automatic method that can not only save time but also save energy. Thus, it is recommended to use a powerful removal tool to remove the browser hijacker.



Method One Remove Automatically


SpyHunter is a powerful detection & removal tool certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System. The program is able to detect and remove various computer threats including adware, browser hijacker, Trojan and so on. Under protection of SpyHunter, you can surf the Internet without anxiety.


  • Download SpyHunter from the button below.


  • Open the downloaded file to begin the installation, and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.


  • After selecting your language, click OK button.


  • Click CONTINUE button.


  • Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


  • Click Exit button after the installation is completed.


  • After the installation, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you need to lauch SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now!scan
  • The system scan is in process.scanning
  • When the scan has completed, the screen will show you all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.shopperpro-syphunter-result
  • Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is complete.


Manual Removal Instruction

Step 1: Remove from Your Browsers

Instruction for Internet Explorer


Open Internet Explorer and select Manage add-ons from Tools menu.


In the Toolbars and Extensions tab, select suspicious extensions and then click Disable button (see more add-ons by select All add-ons from the drop-down menu).


Navigate to Search Providers tab, check up search engines and remove suspicious items related to the browser hijacker if you find them.


Open Tools menu and then select Internet Options.


In General tab, delete suspicious links in Homepage section.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Close the browser and navigate to the Desktop or Start menu.

Right click on the icon of Internet Explorer and then select Properties.


Check up Target section and remove suspicious links if you find them.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Try to reset IE if the steps above don’t work:

Open IE -> click the Tools button -> select Internet options -> Click Advanced tab -> Choose Delete personal settings > click Reset button > Click Close button



Instruction for Mozilla Firefox


Open Mozilla Firefox and select Add-ons from Tools menu.


Select unwanted extensions and then click Remove button (see more add-ons by select All add-ons from the drop-down menu).firefox-disableextension

Navigate to Plugins tab, remove suspicious plug-ins if you find them.


Navigate to Menu and then select Options.


In General tab, delete suspicious links in Homepage section.



Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Close the browser and navigate to the Desktop or Start menu.

Right click on the icon of Mozilla Firefox and then select Properties.


Check up Target section and remove suspicious links if you find them.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.


Instruction for Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome and select More tools/Tools and then click Extension from Tools menu ( button).


Select unwanted extensions and then click Remove button by clicking Trash bin icon or deselecting Enabled check box.


Navigate to Settings tab by clicking Settings on the left side.


Change Startup page:


Click the blue link Set pages under the header On startup.


Delete suspicious links related to the browser hijacker by clicking ×and then click OK button to apply the changes.




Change Homepage:


Click the blue link Change under the header Appearance.


Remove suspicious links if you find them.



Check up Search engines


Click Mange search engines… under the header Search.


Find suspicious websites and then delete them by clicking × (move the mouse to the right side of the link).


Click Done button to apply the changes.


Close the browser and navigate to the Desktop or Start menu.

Right click on the icon of Google Chrome and then select Properties.


Check up Target section and remove suspicious links if you find them.



Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.


Tip: The manual method doesn’t work? Your antivirus program can’t remove completely? Well, maybe you should try a removal tool, which not only kills infections completely but also protects you from the attack by viruses in future.


Step 2: Delete Relevant Registry Entries


Click Start button and open Run dialogue.


Type regedit in the box and hit Enter key.


In the Registry Editor, click Edit and select Find(or press Ctrl + F key)


Type the threat name in search box and hit Enter, delete detected items if you find them.


In order to make sure that remains have been removed completely, you should repeat the above steps until the box below appears.




image-noteTips of preventing your computer from


  • Pay attention to information page of a software you want to download. Download buttons may make some computer users confused and download another programs mistakenly. You also can observe file name being downloaded and stop the process from running in time if you find it is not the program you want to download.
  • Always choose Custom Install options and deselect items you don’t want to download. In general, a program prefersto check items automatically in order to gain traffic. If you neglect these options, your computer will gets infected with unwanted programs.
  • Launch and update your anti-malware program regularly. A powerful anti-malware program will send you warning and prevent you from downloading malware.
  • Install some useful browsers extensions like AdBlock and Unchecky. is classified as a fake search engine which won’t offers useful information to you. It is not a safe domain but belongs to one of security threats. It looks like a normal page but users should not use it. It hijacks your default system settings and homepage. Although you want to change it back, but end up with failure. Therefore, you’d better remove the browser hijacker if you detect it.





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The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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