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I always used Google as default search engine. However, it had been changed recently. It kept changing to I had not changed it myself and the change of search engine was automatically. I went into “Change Search Settings” and set it back to Google but the next time I did a search, it reverted back to this one again. I did not know how to set it back correctly as I tried all I knew.

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Details about is a browser hijacker which furtively sneaks onto computer system by making use of freeware and shareware. The target of it is web browsers on your computer like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This threat will hijack one of them or even all of them in order to redirect you to visit its domain and then forces you to use its search services. Web browser settings will be modified by this malware that it causes default homepage and search engine become its domain. Once its search service is used, unsafe search results will be showed which are totally different from Google search results. The reason is that the algorithm used by this browser hijacker is different from Google that this browser hijacker will display its partner’s websites at the top of results. The websites with high quality contents have been shifted to advertising websites. As a result, you will tend to click on advertising websites at the beginning. Your clicks will increase the visitor’s number for these websites and you will be surrounded by pop up ads when you access these advertising sites. Displaying ads is one of the main purposes of this threat and this is why it wants you utilize its search engine.





Through showing random pop up ads from specific websites, this threat is able to boost website traffics and generate revenue for websites owners and its developers. Apart from these malicious activities, this virus also collects information. It records all your online activities and collects valuable details, especially your search queries, log in information and social data. What website you have visited and what information you are searching will all be collected and sent to remote hackers who will use them to analyze your online habits. Your social account details may even be sold to third parties and you will not know what your personal details will be used for. You will find that more pop up ads are generated on screen and those ads are related to your search keywords and recent scans. In fact, all ads are demonstrated according to your browsing habits and interests. If you want to close the ads, you will spend a lot of time to deal with them as they will keep showing up. Another new pop up will appear after you close one. The information disclosure can cause a lot of troubles that once your email is recorded, you will receive endless spam emails. Some emails may be utilized by hackers to distribute malware.


Warning: You are not recommended to try manual removal method if you are novice PC user. Any mistaken deletion during removal process will lead to serious system crash. For computer safety and data protection, it is strongly recommended that you download professional malware removal tool and get rid of automatically.


How to Know if I Am Infected by

You will encounter the below symptoms if this browser hijackers has controlled your web browsers and changed system settings.

The most obvious one is that the homepage is changed to and the change is not permitted by you.

As the process of this browser hijacker will utilize high CPU, it cause poor system performance that your computer runs slowly and your will encounter sudden system shutdown.

Search results contain numerous advertising links that once you click at ant one of them, you will be redirected to unsafe websites.

Random pop up ads fill up the entire web page when you are scanning legitimate websites that you usually access before and the ads should be appear under normal conditions.

Some computer security websites are blocked and you can not access them effectively anymore.

New shortcuts, extensions, bookmarks and toolbars are added to computer without your consent.


Possible Distribution of

Malicious websites, such as websites containing porn content.

Freeware or shareware from the trustless sources.

Spam emails attachments or links in the messages.

Pop-up ads which require you to update your video players or web browsers.

Removable storage devices without scanning for malware beforehand.


How to Remove

Removing browser hijacker is necessary as it will control your web browser and collect your privacy. It is easy for you to remove it if you choose to use malware removal tool. on the contrary, if you want to delete it manually, you should be careful as the manual method is kind of complicated and it is not recommended if you are not professional.

Auto-Fix Guide

SpyHunter is a useful detection & removal tool with high DNS protection. It aims at assisting computer users in preventing their computer from Browser Hijacker, adware, PUP, Trojan, rootkits and so on. Any detected computer threats can be removed by SpyHunter. Thus, what you need is to download the removal tool and remove malicious items as soon as possible.

  • Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below.


Run SpyHunter and remove all threats automaticlaly.



Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is completed.

Manual Removal Instruction


Step 1 Remove from Browsers

Instruction for Internet Explorer

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Internet Explorer shortcut in Desktop or Start menu and select
  • In Target, delete link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Internet Options.internet-options
  • In Homepage under General tab, delete link if you find it.


  • Click Apply and then OK button to apply changes.

Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Tools menu, and then select Manage
  • Go to Search providers tab, pick among search engines and delete it if you find


Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Mozilla Firefox shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select Properties.firefox-playbar-properties1
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select Options.options
  • In Homepage section under General tab, delete the browser hijacker’s website link if you find it.


  • Move mouse to click a blank area to apply all changes.


Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Search tab by clicking Search in left side.fiefox-search
  • Pick the unwanted search engine among search engines and delete it if you find




Instruction for Google Chrome

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Google Chrome shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted arguments if you find it.



Set Startup page :

  • Type chrome://settings in the browser’ address
  • Click Set pages (a blue link beside Open a specific page or set of pages).chrome-setpages
  • In the Startup pages window, delete harmful page link by clicking x.


  • Click OK button to close the window.


Set Homepage:

  • Click Change under Show Home
  • In the Home page window, delete the malicious homepage link.


  • Click OK button to close the window.



Step 2 Find and Delete Registry Entries

  • Open Start menu and click Run dialogue.


  • Type regedit and hit Enter key.8regedit
  • In the Registry Editor window, click File and select Find…editfind
  • Type in the search box and hit Enter key.


  • Delete detected items related to
  • Repeat the above steps until the window below appears.fin nothing


Note: Manually removing is not an easy job, because it requires users to finish several complicated steps. If you have difficulty in removing although reading the above removal guide, then just download and use a powerful removal tool without hesitation.



Tips for Malware Infection

Use effective anti-malware tool for computer protection and regularly update it to latest version to fix loopholes.

Scan for malware before inserting removal devices on computer.

Update all installed programs to newest version as it will download new patches for avoiding existing malware.

Do not open any suspicious email, especially those with malicious files attached. It cam contain malware download process.

Be away from bogus ads or coupons even they are so attractive.

Download third parties from official websites and avoid downloading program from untrustworthy sources.



Conclusion: is a harmful browser hijacker and it will enter your computer via many ways that you can not imagine. The infection of it is a signal indicating that your computer must have other threats installed. It not only modifies browser settings but also change system settings. Being infected by this nasty virus, your computer will be in danger and your privacy will no longer be safe.


Kindly Remind: The manual removal is not safe and you may perform improper removal if you do not follow all steps carefully. If you failed to delete successfully, you better download efficient malware removal tool to get rid of it. if you have deleted it completely, a professional tool is still needed to clean the rest of malware traces.







The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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