How to Remove From PC

I can not remove by using removal tool recommended by friends. It can detect this browser hijacker on Chrome but after I click to fix it automatically, this browser hijacker is not removed from browser even the fix results say that all threats are removed. So, I back up my bookmarks and related passwords on Chrome and then reset all settings to default. But it is still not helpful. Should I uninstall Chrome and install it again to solve it?


How to find a website or page without search engines?

  • Type a website or page that you remember in the address bar and hit Enter key.
  • Find a website or page from your favorites or bookmarks if it has been added before.
  • Find a websiteor page from site navigation.

Well, it is actually inconvenient to search items you want without search engines. These ways above are not unsustainable. Thus, you are advised to scan your computer and find out the reasons.

Some Issues from

  • Redirect you to undesired links or domains without your permission.
  • Web page loading speed is slow.
  • Jump to when you want to open a new tab.
  • Get unrelated search results filled with sponsored links or contents.

What Is is identified as a browser hijacker which has the ability to infect most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on. Its own page consists of a search box like many legitimate search engines. Maybe it is not so dangerous as Trojan, but in reality it can cause disturbance to your browsing. It won’t take you long to realized the fact that “a decent-looking product is not necessarily good to use”. It takes a full control of your browser and randomly redirects you to some specific websites that you are not going to visit. Browser hijacker usually has such behavior to display lots of annoying even unsafe advertisements in the web page you are viewing. It is reported that browser hijacker usually modifies users’ browser settings and the browser shortcuts once it gets installed.




After the browser hijacker is installed, your default search engine and homepage is quickly set as without your knowledge. Associated files are also added to the registry editor, which is able to call the page when you run your browser so that you still see it although you have changed your homepage. For the browser hijacker, making redirection is all in the day’s work. Besides taking over homepage or start page, it also pops up immediately when you want to open a new tab. Moreover, you are also easily redirected to unknown websites when using the search engine (If your default search engine has been replaced by Through these ways above, it can get web traffic and profit. Under the influence of the browser hijacker, computer users’ browsing experience will be sharply declined. Therefore, you’d better get rid of as soon as possible.


How Does Enter Computer?

No matter it is browser hijacker or other malware, the spreading route is the similiar. Most malware come into the computer is mainly bundled with freeware downloads and installation. Some of them may be attached in spam emails. Some malware like spyware, Trojans, viruses, and rootkits may be distributed in malicious websites and suspicious links & advertisements. You you should be careful when browsing the web. Download any freeware only from its official website or other reliable sites. When installing the free software, always select Advanced or Custom Install and deselect any unknown programs or other recommended software which often offered on the freeware setup wizard screen. Besides, do not agree to make any changes to your browsers before clicking Next or Agree button. Removal Guide

Quick Menu

Part 1: Manually Remove from Your System

Step 1: Delete from Your Browser

Instruction for Internet Explorer
Instruction for Mozilla Firefox
Instruction for Google Chrome
Instruction for Opera
Instruction for Safari

Step 2: Reset Your Browser Shortcut

Step 3: Reset Your Browser Settings (optional)

Step 4: Clean Registry Entries Related to

Part 2: Automatically Remove from Your System

How to Back up and Restore the Windows Registry

How to develop good searching habits?

Part 1: Manually Remove from Your System

Step 1: Delete from Your Browser

Instruction for Internet Explorer
  1. Launch Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Internet
  2. In General tab, reset your homepage: delete the browser hijacker homepage link or click Use blank button, and then click Apply and OK button.


  1. Navigate to Manage Add-ons.
  2. Click Search Providers, search for in the list on the right, and then click Remove
  3. Reset your shortcut detailed in Step 2.
  4. Reset your browser settings detailed in Step 3.
Instruction for Mozilla Firefox
  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox, click (Menu button) and select Options.win7-firefox-options
  2. Go to General tab, reset the Home Page: delete and type one of your favorite websites.


  1. Click Search, check up search engines and remove if you find them.firefox-search-1
  2. Reset your shortcut detailed in Step 2.
  3. Reset your browser settings detailed in Step 3


Instruction for Google Chrome
  1. Launch Google Chrome, click (Menu button) and click
  2. Reset Startup pages: Go to On startup section -> Click Set pages link -> delete the link by press × -> Click OK button.


  1. Reset Homepage: Go to Appearance section -> Click Change link -> Delete the link -> Click OK button.


  1. Reset Search engines: Go to Search section -> Click Manage search engines… -> delete all items of and click Done button.


  1. Reset your shortcut detailed in Step 2.
  2. Reset your browser settings detailed in Step 3.
Instruction for Opera
  1. Launch Opera, click the Menu button, and then select Settings.opera-settings
  2. Go to Browser tab, check up whether associated items of are in On startup, and Search.opera-browser
  3. Reset Startup pages: Click Set pages, delete by pressing the “X” in the right side, and then click OK button.


  1. Reset Search engines: Check up items of and delete them by click Remove button and then Done button.


  1. Reset your shortcut detailed in Step 2.
  2. Reset your browser settings detailed in Step 3
Instruction for Safari
  1. Launch Safari, click Tools (gear button), select Preferences…safari-preferences-win7
  2. Go to General tab, delete or type one website you like in Homepage.


  1. Reset your shortcut detailed in Step 2.
  2. Reset your browser settings detailed in Step 3


Step 2: Reset Your Browser Shortcut

    • The steps below apply to to all types of browsers (image shows IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari instruction).
    • Right click the icon of your browser and then select Target section: Delete “”, and then click Apply and OK button.


Note: In order to remove, these steps are necessary although they may seem complex. It requires enough carefulness and patience. If you want to save and effort, you can consider using a professional removal tool to help you solve the problem.

Step 3: Reset Your Browser Settings (optional)

You are advised to reset your browser settings although you have delete from your browser.

Instruction for Internet Explorer

Open IE → Click Tools button → Select Internet Options → Press Advanced tab → Click Reset → Check the box next to Delete personal settings and click Reset button→ Restart IE


Instruction for Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome → Click Settings → Click Show advanced settings…. → Click Reset settings → Click Reset → Restart Google Chrome





Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox → Click Tools button → Click? (Help Menu) → Select Troubleshooting Information → Click Refresh Firefox → Click Finish button → Restart Mozilla Firefox




Instruction for Opera

Open Opera → Click Menu button → Select More tools → Click Clear browsing data →Select items that you want to delete → Click Clear browsing data button → Restart Opera





Instruction for Safari

Open Safari → Click Tools (gear button) → Select Reset Safari… → Select items that you want to reset → Click Reset → Restart Safari





Step 4: Clean Registry Entries Related to

      1. Open Start menu, search for regedit (type regedit in search box or Run dialogue) and open it.typeregedit
      2. Click Edit and select Find, and then type in the box.
      3. Delete associated items if you find them.
      4. Repeat 2~3 until the window pops up.findnothing


Note: In order to avoid mistaken deletion, you are advised to back up the Windows Registry detailed in the end of the post. If you are really afraid to do any wrong operation during the process, you’d better remove with a removal tools. Continue to read the post and get specific removal steps.

Part 2: Automatically Remove from Your System

Option 1: Remove with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a professional detection & removal tool certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System. The program is able to detect and remove various computer threats including browser hijacker, adware and toolbar etc. In addition, SpyHunter can provide your computer with overall protection around the clock.

      • Click the button below to download SpyHunter
    • spyhunter-downloadbutton
      • Open the downloaded file to begin the installation and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.2
      • After selecting your language, click OK button.ok-spyhunter1
      • Click Continue button.continue1
      • Click Install button after opting for I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.install3
      • Click Exit button after the installation is completed.step-6-exit
      • After the installation, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you need to lauch SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! button.scan
      • The system scan is in process.scanning
      • When the scan has completed, the screen will show you all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.shopperpro-syphunter-result
      • Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is completed.



How to Back up and Restore the Windows Registry

Back up:

Open Registry Editor: press Windows + R, type regedit in Run dialogue and then hit Enter key.


In the Registry Editor, click File and then Export…


Export Registry File window pops up, choose the path and type a name of backup file, and then click Save button.




Open Registry Editor, click File and then Import…


Import Registry File window appears, find your backup file and then click Open button.




How to develop good searching habits?

      • Make your search item specific. For example, “what is an apple” is much better than “apple question”.
      • Use some search commands. For example, “+”, “-”, “title:”, “site:”and “url:” can effectively improve accuracy.
      • Don’t use unfamiliar search engine, especially with browser hijacker capability.
      • Use wisely search engines. If you don’t find desired information when using a search engine, try another one. Sometimes the search engine will record the web page you browsed and show the same research results.
      • Install browser extensions or antivirus programs to protect your computer from attack when you are browsing web pages.
      • Clean your browsing history regularly in order to not only improve running speed but also prevent your information from being tracked and stolen.

Warm Reminder: gets into your computer mainly by freeware or shareware. The browser hijacker aims to alter your browsing settings and redirect you to undesired websites. It is not wise to keep it too long in your computer. Removal becomes difficult because it also add files to registry editor. So computer users must follow the Step 4 under the removal guide. Well, it is not easy to finish if you are not equipped with expert-level knowledge and skills on PC. Any wrong operation can lead to data loss and system crash, you are advised to use helpful tools to protect your computer as soon as possible.






The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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