How to Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Virus

Windows Defender keeps showing me a pop up message that there is a Exploit:SWF/Meadgive virus on my computer. I follow the method provided by it to remove this infection but I still get warning of it even after Windows Defender claims that it has been removed when I finish the removal step. How can I completely get rid of this virus? Any tool is recommended? Thanks.

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More about Exploit:SWF/Meadgive

Exploit:SWF/Meadgive is reported to be a nasty Trojan virus which attacks all operating systems, especially Windows 10. Most Windows 10 users report that they get this virus after upgrading to the new version. the default antivirus software on Windows 10 operating system detects this virus and displays warning on screen. Even though most users click to remove it by using Windows Defender step by step to fix such loop, the antivirus still keeps showing warning. In fact, this is a kind of Trojan virus which uses the vulnerability of your computer and the software on your computer to attack your system. This type of virus can be used by hackers to install other dangerous malware to your computer without asking for your permission. It means that you may no idea how this virus is installed and it will installs other malware threats on your system and you may not realize it. if you think that the warning is a mistake because you have already removed it from computer, than you may make a mistake as it is an existing infection on your computer. The warning is not a mistaken message as it does stay on your computer and continues damaging system. Many users are unsure about exactly what it is. But the reality is that is a super risky virus which should be removed.


Exploit:SWF/Meadgive is a dangerous virus and it will harm your computer if you do not try to remove it timely. Additional software, files and registry entries will be added to the affected system without your knowledge. If you find the system resources is always used up by some processes, you should be careful as this virus may start a lot of bothersome processes in the background and you can only find them running silently after opening task manager. Those processes eat up your CPU and results in poor system performance. When you try to run a new process, it takes you a long time to open. You may even encounter failure when you run a new program which requires large CPU. The computer system will crash if the consumption of CPU keeps being used up to 100%. It will suddenly freeze when you are editing some crucial files. The frozen of system will lead to data lost if you have not save them timely or the process does not back up temporary files automatically. The ability of preventing being killed by antivirus, it tries it best to bypass removal and detection. Through blocking your windows firewall, it is able to open a loop hole for other malware to get in system. It makes you face many troubles as more and more malware is introduced.


How Does Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Spread?


Trojan virus like Exploit:SWF/Meadgive is spread through the internet by utilizing email attachments which we usually call spam email. the mail attachments usually include some files and the writer will convince you to click to open or download these files by using some attractive information. Spam email is the most common distribution means used by most hackers to spread malware all over the world. Malware will come if you click on any suspicious files or links contained in email. The result will disappoint you and will harm your computer for nothing. The spam email will not be tested by any one as you may not want to check if this email is safe because you may want to see the contents curiously. Most time even those you think your computer is safe from malware will be hacked by malware. The installation of malware is unexpected. Besides spam email, infected removable drives are used by malware to spread, too. As long as the removal drive is infected by malware, the malware can be inserted to your computer when the drive is connected to your system. Some antivirus software may check removal drive before inserting but some of them may not detects malware out.


Furthermore, third parties program can make malware install on your computer. The bundle box of third party installer can hide many additional threats. Those threats can be added on system like a additional bundle if you do not check them in bundle box. The installation of malware is permitted because they are contained on the installation of the third party program you choose to install. To be more detailed, once the new installer you download is agreed to be installed by you, other additives contain in bundle box will be agreed to install at the same time and they do not need to ask for supererogatory permission. apart from these, hacked or compromised web pages can be the place where you download malware. Some malware is designed in code with high technique that they can install on your computer by themselves when you can scanning these web pages. Or sometimes malware could get installed on computer while you click on anywhere on the page. What is more, as it is said above that malware could be installed by hiding behind other installer; it could also be installed on target computer by using other malware. It take the advantage of system bug made by other types of malware and sneak onto the affected system by using bugs. Windows defender could fail to detect such attack.



How to Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Virus

There are two methods you can follow to get rid of Exploit:SWF/Meadgive virus from your computer. The manual one is for experienced users and the automatic method is for inexperienced users.


Option 1. Download malware removal tool to scan computer

Note: If you are not experienced with malware removal, please do not try the manual removal method as you make mistakenly delete system files which could lead to system crash and damages. please select the automatic method and download malware removal tool.


Options2. Get rid of Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Virus manually


For Windows 7 Users

Step 1: End malicious process related with Exploit:SWF/Meadgive.

Move mouse to taskbar, right click it to open Task Manager. Select Start Task Manager option


click End Process option at the lower right corner of task manager.




Step 2: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking.


Click the Start button in the left lower corner and click on arrow next to the Shut Down button, then click on Restart.



When your computer is restarted (usually after you hear your computer beep), tap F8 key on the keyboard repeatedly before the Windows logo appears. Move to Safe Mode option and press Enter




Step 3: Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Using System Restore Process


Log in your computer with your administrator account. If you do not log in as administrator, you do not have the permission to restore computer.

Open Control Panel from Start menu.


Click System and Security



select Restore your computer to an earlier time option.



Click on Open System Restore button.


Click on the Next, then there will list some previous points for you to select. Choose the latest one before your computer system got infected and click B to continue.



Confirm your restore point and click on Finish.



Click Yes to confirm your operations and activate start to restore the system.


The restore is processing.


It takes times to complete process, do not operate anything until it finishes. After it completes, it will automatically restart system for you.




For Windows 8/8.1 Users


Step 1: End malicious process related with Exploit:SWF/Meadgive.


Go to search on the start screen and type “task” in search box, click Task Manager in search result appears at the top of apps list.


Look for any suspicious process related to the browser hijacker and click on End task.




Step 2: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking.


Press Win key +R key on the keyboard to open the Run dialog.



Type msconfig and launch the System Configuration utility.



In the System Configuration main screen, go to the Boot tab, check the box of Safe boot and then choose the type of Safe Mode that you want to achieve in the Boot options section and click on Apply button.



Click on Restart button, the system will restart in safe mode immediately.



Click on the Power button in the Settings charm and then use the Shift key + Restart (press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on Restart) to proceed.



Click on Troubleshoot option.


In the Troubleshoot screen, click on Advanced Options.



Then click on Windows Startup Settings option in the Advanced Options screen.


Then you will be informed of the Windows options that can be changed via the restart. Click on Restart button in the bottom right corner.



Your computer will restart and ask you to choose one option by using number keys or function keys F1-F9. To enable Safe Mode, please click on F4 key on the keyboard.




Step 3: Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Using System Restore Process


Move your cursor on the screen’s right edge, and then click Search.

Enter Control Panel in the search box, and click Control Panel.


Enter Recovery in the Control Panel search box, and then tap or click Recovery.


Click Open System Restore.


If you are asked for the administrator password, you should enter the password on the box.


Click Next and you will get a list of available restore points that you can choose. You should select the most recent point before the ransomware appeared on the system and click on Next.



Select Finish and click on Yes to start the restore.


Now please wait until the restore process get finished. Don’t be surprised if you see your computer restart several times during the restore process.



For Windows 10 Users


Step 1: End malicious process related with Exploit:SWF/Meadgive.


Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open Task Manager.



Step 2: Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Using System Restore Process


Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button, and then select Control Panel.


Search Control Panel for Recovery.


Select Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.


Click Next and you will get a list of available restore points that you can choose. You should select the most recent point before the ransomware appeared on the system and click on Next.


Choose the restore point related to the problematic app, driver, or update, and then select Finish.


Click on Yes to start the restore


Now please wait until the restore process get finished. Don’t be surprised if you see your computer restart several times during the restore process.


Exploit:SWF/Meadgive is an aggressive and stubborn malware which is not easy to remove. If you fail to get rid of Exploit:SWF/Meadgive virus manually. Then you need to download professional malware removal tool to scan the whole system. The infection of it is a sign indicating that your computer is no longer safe from malware. If you have downloaded effective security tool before, it might have aoudad the whole fiasco. If you have no idea what computer security and malware attack are, you should only use efficient anti-malware tool.



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