How to Remove Big Bang Empire Virus

Was my computer infected by malware? It suddenly installed some games on my computer named BigFarm and big_bang_empire. What were they? I heard the name big bang before, but was it a start’s name? why there was a game appeared? Many other unrelated shortcuts were added to screen. I ran my antivirus software which I had used for years. But it did not detect these two things as malware. Help!

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More about Big Bang Empire Virus

Big Bang Empire is a game application which is also categorized as potentially unwanted program as it gets installed on target computer by bundling with other installers. The reason why it is regarded as virus is that it automatically shows up on screen and its application is installed on system with no consent. Most users suddenly find the installation of such application on computer after turning on computer. Majority users find its installation after starting computer and they are sure that they have not downloaded it before. It means that this application comes to a computer by using some cheating means. This application is not simply a game as it acts like a Trojan virus since it is able to install other malware on system. Furthermore, it is classified as malware because it brings other malware to computer and installs new things to system without asking for permission. A lot of experts classify it as Trojan virus because it opens a door for malware attacks. According to a victim, this threat installs Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers on computer even the computer has already installed them before. Besides this, this virus has the ability to introduce other malware like Key Logging malware, spyware, adware, hijacker and Ransomware. This makes it more dangerous than other malware as it will damage the system by sneaking onto your computer and performing malicious activities.




Big Bang Empire Virus triggers a lot of networks connection to many other malicious websites. It will interrupt network connection and stop you from accessing regular websites.




It will never stop downloading various infections to affected computer. Usually, it comes to a computer by spam email attachments, pop up link, freeware and sharing files. The reason why most users do not realize the installation of this malware is that they do not remember what kind of link or attachments they have clicked or opened. Big Bang Empire virus can be automatically installed as long as the files it attaches to are installed with permission. The time it is installed, the time it is able to activate its process in advance. No matter what kind of malware it belongs to, the malicious purpose of it is make money through promoting third parties or damaging system through corrupting system files and data. Sometimes this type of malware may modify security settings on computer and injecting JAVA codes to web browsers. After performing these steps, it would connect the affected system to remote servers. The connection may allow remote hackers to get access to the affected system and steal personal data, such financial details and credit account information. Even remote servers do not get remote control over the infected system; the personal data stored on computer will be transferred to remote port. The transfer of personal information makes result in data loss but it may also lead to identity theft. Thus, to completely clean computer and get rid of Big Bang Empire Virus, please download malware removal tool now!



How to Remove Big Bang Empire Virus


Option 1. Download malware removal tool to scan computer

Spyhunter is a professional malware removal tool which can detect and remove Ransomware, browser hijacker, redirect virus, adware, Trojan virus and other malware on computer. It scans the entire computer within mounts and provide one click removal function which can clean all threats after clicking Fix Threats button.




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Options2. Get rid of Big Bang Empire Virus manually

Below is a manual removal guide for skillful users. It is not recommended if you are not experienced with malware removal as you may mistakenly delete crucial system files. Any mistaken deletion of system file or registry will lead to system crash. To completely uninstall Big Bang Empire Virus, download malware removal tool now!



For Windows 7 Users

Step 1: End malicious process related with Big Bang Empire.

Move mouse to taskbar, right click it to open Task Manager. Select Start Task Manager option


click End Process option at the lower right corner of task manager.




Step 2: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking.


Click the Start button in the left lower corner and click on arrow next to the Shut Down button, then click on Restart.



When your computer is restarted (usually after you hear your computer beep), tap F8 key on the keyboard repeatedly before the Windows logo appears. Move to Safe Mode option and press Enter




Step 3: Remove Big Bang Empire Using System Restore Process


Log in your computer with your administrator account. If you do not log in as administrator, you do not have the permission to restore computer.

Open Control Panel from Start menu.


Click System and Security



select Restore your computer to an earlier time option.



Click on Open System Restore button.


Click on the Next, then there will list some previous points for you to select. Choose the latest one before your computer system got infected and click B to continue.



Confirm your restore point and click on Finish.



Click Yes to confirm your operations and activate start to restore the system.


The restore is processing.


It takes times to complete process, do not operate anything until it finishes. After it completes, it will automatically restart system for you.




For Windows 8/8.1 Users


Step 1: End malicious process related with Big Bang Empire.


Go to search on the start screen and type “task” in search box, click Task Manager in search result appears at the top of apps list.


Look for any suspicious process related to the browser hijacker and click on End task.




Step 2: Start Your Computer into Safe Mode with Networking.


Press Win key +R key on the keyboard to open the Run dialog.



Type msconfig and launch the System Configuration utility.



In the System Configuration main screen, go to the Boot tab, check the box of Safe boot and then choose the type of Safe Mode that you want to achieve in the Boot options section and click on Apply button.



Click on Restart button, the system will restart in safe mode immediately.



Click on the Power button in the Settings charm and then use the Shift key + Restart (press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on Restart) to proceed.



Click on Troubleshoot option.


In the Troubleshoot screen, click on Advanced Options.



Then click on Windows Startup Settings option in the Advanced Options screen.


Then you will be informed of the Windows options that can be changed via the restart. Click on Restart button in the bottom right corner.



Your computer will restart and ask you to choose one option by using number keys or function keys F1-F9. To enable Safe Mode, please click on F4 key on the keyboard.




Step 3: Remove Big Bang Empire Using System Restore Process


Move your cursor on the screen’s right edge, and then click Search.

Enter Control Panel in the search box, and click Control Panel.


Enter Recovery in the Control Panel search box, and then tap or click Recovery.


Click Open System Restore.


If you are asked for the administrator password, you should enter the password on the box.


Click Next and you will get a list of available restore points that you can choose. You should select the most recent point before the ransomware appeared on the system and click on Next.



Select Finish and click on Yes to start the restore.


Now please wait until the restore process get finished. Don’t be surprised if you see your computer restart several times during the restore process.



For Windows 10 Users


Step 1: End malicious process related with Big Bang Empire.


Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open Task Manager.



Step 2: Remove Big Bang Empire Using System Restore Process


Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button, and then select Control Panel.


Search Control Panel for Recovery.


Select Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.


Click Next and you will get a list of available restore points that you can choose. You should select the most recent point before the ransomware appeared on the system and click on Next.


Choose the restore point related to the problematic app, driver, or update, and then select Finish.


Click on Yes to start the restore


Now please wait until the restore process get finished. Don’t be surprised if you see your computer restart several times during the restore process.


How to Protect Computer from Malware


Ransomware is spreading all over the world right now! it may be known to all that the WannaCry virus has been infected a lot of computers from different countries. The unprecedented spread of malware like Ransomware, browser hijacker, Trojan virus, redirect virus, potentially unwanted program and other types of malware will sweep across all countries around the world. This infection becomes a hot issue in a short time. But there is a new report released lately that many experts discover the infection is not so professional as it has many loopholes and mistaken design. However, in reality, there are tens of thousands users are attacked by this virus. The distribution of this malware could be the main reason. But there is another reason that most users do not pay attention to computer security and do not use any an-ti malware tool for protection. A lot of schools and organization are attacked by it as they do not have security tool on computer. In school, many students choose to turn off Windows Firewall to play games. This is the main reason why education network is especially vulnerable to Ransomware and other malware. Turning off windows security firewall will remain largely open on networks and make it easier for hackers and malware. The infection is not limited to Ransomware that many types of threats are easy to get in a computer without protection. Hacker can steal personal details through a virus or hack. Unlike Ransomware, Big Bang Empire Virus does not block your files but damages your system instead. The files damage is difficult to recover if you have not backed up them before.


To protect computer, a professional anti-malware tool is needed for leveling up computer security level. Anti-malware can not prevent all malware from attacking your computer. But without security tool, your computer can be 100% attacked. The computers with no protection are the main targets of hackers as it can easy get access to these computers and insert malicious codes. Attackers use a piece of malicious software or installer file to spread viruses. For this reason, you should avoid downloading suspicious resources or unsafe files from unknown websites. The most important thing is that Trojan virus and other malware mainly make use of email attachment to distribute. Thus, if you get any suspicious email from unknown writer, you need to delete them all timely and do not click to open any attachment as it may contain virus. The more third party programs you try to download, the more malware you may get as any one of them could be the carrier of malware. Malware only can be halted before being installed as it will freeze computer system and access to files quickly.




Big Bang Empire Virus will harm system and damage files on infected computer. The corrupted files and settings could not be repaired. Even some files recovery tools can not repair any damage already done. Do not give any chance to this virus as it may try and contact other web address to transfer data from your computer. There is no reason to stop attacking a it is developed by hacker to steal information and files.



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