How to Remove Ads by Social2Search

Social2Search got installed on my computer. I don’t know when I installed it. Receiving a number of ads by the program has become a part of my daily activities when I open the computer. You may ask, why you uninstall the program from Control Panel. Well, I tried it but useless. The pest just escapes from the programs list but don’t leave the computer. Neither Windows Defender or Webroot were able to get rid of it. If you have good advice, please tell me without hesitation.

Re: I am glad to receive your message. Fortunately, I have uninstalled the program before. Please open the attachment and follow the removal guide. If you have questions about the removal, please tell me without delay. I am waiting to hear your good news.


Learn about Social2Search


Social2Search is a search tool which claims that it provides users with a better way to search. The program promote that users get search results from not only various websites but also from your friends who are made on social networks including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, instagram and so on. It sends you relevant information by reading read users’ account settings and location. Does it sound like a convenient tool? Maybe you will be eager to install it after seeing the propaganda if you are a person who shares your lives with friends. However, not all people like using social media and expose too much information even though they have close friends. There are a lot of different kinds of relationship. For example, people whom you meet on social media are net friends who only talk about hobbies. So you don’t want to share too many contents with them, especially your offline life. In turn, you might as well not get others’ information while using the search engine.


If you still decide to install it, you will find that you have received tons of ads randomly. That’s not an accident that you install other program. The application claims that it will display ads in order to promote the social search engine. As soon as your agreement of installing the program is gotten, advertisements are also allowed to be shown in front of you. You are also required to install relevant extension, which also encourages advertisements. That’s why some users are dissatisfied with the program.social2searchads


Types of ads by the program range from in-text ads, banners, commercial offers, pop-up ads, which promote discounts, free software trial version, price comparisons and so on. In addition to making users annoyed, these unwanted advertisements are not good for your computer. Once clicking to ads by the program, you may be switched to strange links or websites. Even though developers express that they will monitor and examine products and service supported third parties as much as possible, but can’t make sure 100% safety and accuracy of search results. So you may reach one or two websites which contain virus if you click on these strange websites among search results. To prevent your computer from further damage, you are suggested to remove the program as soon as possible.


How Does Social2Search Come From?


According to what developers say, the program is not allowed to be installed if users don’t give consent to do so. However, many users complain that the program appears in their computer without asking their permission. If you aren’t fond of using social media and don’t install the program purposely, then the program may be disturbed through deceive techniques. There is a biggest possibility that your computer gets infected with the program while installing freeware or shareware downloaded from some strange websites. Wrong operation may be caused while you open the download files and enter the Setup Wizard.

For example, users skip unselecting some options that may contain the program and other unwanted applications. And then clicking on “install” button means you allows not only the unwanted program but also Social2Search get installed on your computer. Hence, computer users are strongly advised to choose Custom/Advanced installation type and uncheck unwanted options. Even though you have clicked on the installed button, you still stop the installation by going to Task Manager and end relevant process. If the program has been installed on your computer, you’d better remove it as soon as possible.


Summary about Social2Search

Threat Name Social2Search
Category Browser Hijacker; Potentially Unwanted Program
Activity 1. Deliver random ads including pop ups, banners, offers and so on.2. Add unwanted extensions and toolbars to your browser.

3. Display unwanted search results and others’ information.

4. Divert search results to certain website.

5. Degrade your browsing experience.

Distribution Methods Via browsing strange websites, installing freeware or shareware or peer-to-peer sharing
Removal Instruction Read the post or download the detection & removal tool!


Fortunately, you’ve come to right place if you are troubled by the program. Here are manual removal instruction and automatic removal instruction. Manual removal instruction costs no money but takes much time and efforts. Moreover, wrong operation will cause bad consequences like system crash if you don’t have basic computer knowledge. If you insist in trying manual removal guide, please back up your settings. It is much better to be careful while fixing the computer. If you want to carry out automatic removal, you don’t need to worry about the problems above. Not only computer beginner but also computer experts can grasp the automatic removal and remove the adware easily.


Social2Search Manual Removal (Time-consuming):

Step 1 Stop Relevant Programs from Running

Step 2 Remove Unwanted Progresses from Windows

For Windows 10 User

For Windows 8 User

For Windwos 7 User

For Windows XP User

Step 3 Remove Extensions Related to Social2Search

For Internet Explorer

For Mozilla Firefox

For Google Chrome

For Opera

For Safari

Step 4 Delete Relevant Registry Entries

Social2Search Automatic Removal (Recommended)

Social2Search Manual Removal (Time-consuming):


Step 1 Stop Relevant Progresses from Running


Right click on a blank area of the Task bar that lies on the bottom of the screen, and then select Start Task Manager or Task Manager from the pop-up menu.


Navigate to Processes tab, you will see many processes are displayed.


Find progresses related to Social2Search by using the scroll bar on the right side, and then click End Process button.

Exit Task Manager by clicking on ×


Step 2 Uninstall Unwanted Programs from Windows


As mentioned above, Social2Search may be supported by unwanted programs you installed accidentally. So, you are required to check up programs list and remove suspicious programs.

For Windows 10 User


Right click on My Computer and select Properties from the pop-up menu.


Enter Control Panel by clicking on Control Panel Home on the left side.


Choose View by Category by selecting “Category” from the drop-down list.



Click on Uninstall a program on the lower left of the window.


Find unwanted programs in the right-hand list and then click Uninstall button.



For Windows 8 User


Move the mouse to the lower-left corner and wait for  image-win8-startbutton to appear.

Right click on  image-win8-startbutton and select Programs and Features from the pop-up menu.


Currently installed programs are displayed in a list, you need to find unwanted programs and uninstall them.



For Windows 7 User


Click on Control Panel from Start menu, which is opened by clicking on Start button on the lower left corner of the screen.


Choose View by Category from the drop-down list.


Click on Uninstall a program


Find unwanted programs from the left-hand list and then click on Uninstall button.


Follow the instruction shown in the wizard and uninstall the program.



For Windows XP User


Click on Start button and then click Control Panel


Click on Switch to Category View on the left side of the window.

Click on Add or Remove Programs


Find unwanted programs in the list and click on Remove button.



After clicking on Remove / Uninstall button, the uninstallation wizard will be executed automatically. Users are advised to check “clear data” option and press Uninstall button during the process. Don’t know which program encourages the adware? Maybe you need an anti-malware tool to assist you.




Step 3 Remove Extensions Related to Social2Search


For Internet Explorer


Launch Internet Explorer, click on Tools (gear icon) and then select Manage Add-ons.


In Toolbars and Extensions tab, please choose All add-ons from the Show drop-down menu in order to view more add-ons.


All installed add-ons are displayed in the right-hand of the window, you need to check up these add-ons and disable suspicious extensions.


You are advised to reset settings if the steps above don’t work.

Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


Navigate to Advanced tab and click on Reset… Button


When you are asked whether you want to reset all Internet Explorer settings, please select “Delete personal settings” check box and then click on Reset button.


Click on Close button confirm completion of the resetting.


In order for the changes to take effect, you’d better restart Internet Explorer.


For Mozilla Firefox


Launch Mozilla Firefox, click on 3-bar button and then select Add-ons from the Tools menu.


Go to Extensions tab, select unwanted extensions from the list and remove them by clicking on Remove or Disable button.


Navigate to Plugins tab, find unwanted plug-ins and choose Never Activate from the drop-down list.


You are advised to reset settings if the steps above don’t work.

Open Tools menu and click on the question mark


Click on the Troubleshoting Information


Click on Refresh Firefox button


Click on Finish button to confirm completion of resetting


Firefox will start automatically. If not, you need to restart it manually in order for changes to take effect.


For Google Chrome


Launch Google Chrome, click on 3-dot button and then select Extensions.


All installed extensions are displayed on the right side of the window. You’d better find the unwanted extension and remove it by clicking trash bin icon.



You are advised to reset settings if the steps above don’t work.

Navigate to Settings tab by clicking on Settings on the left side of the window.


Click on Show advanced settings which appears on the bottom of the window.


Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the page and click on Reset settings.



Start resetting by clicking on the Reset button.


Restart Google Chrome in order for changes to take effect.


For Opera


Launch Opera, click on Menu button and go to Manage extensions.


Select the extension related to Social2Search and remove it by clicking Disable or × mark


Navigate to Menu and click Clear browsing data.


Select earlier time from the drop-down menu, eg. the beginning of the time.


Check several or all items and then click on Clear browsing data button.


For Safari

Launch Safari, click on gear button and then select Preferences…


Navigate to Extensions if you are in General tab.


Find the unwanted extension and remove it by unchecking the box beside Enable… or clicking on Uninstall button.

You are advised to reset settings if the steps above don’t work.

Navigate to Tools menu and click Reset Safari..


Select several or all items you want to reset and then click on Reset button.


Restart Safari in order for all changes to take effect.


Step 4 Delete Relevant Registry Entries

Click on Start button and type “regedit” in the search box, which lies on the bottom of the menu, and then click on Regedit among the search results.


The Registry Editor window pops up, you need to click on Edit and then select Find…


Enter “Social2Search” in the search box and then click Find Next button.


Delete associated items among detected search results.


Click F3 key and delete the next item.

If the window below pops up, then it means that all items have been removed.



Can’t make sure all suspicious items have been removed? You can take into account breaking threat name into several parts and search for them. However, manual guide actually ensures 100% removal. If you want to erase suspicious items completely, you can use an automatic removal tool in the post.



Social2Search Automatic Removal (Recommended)


  • Option 1: Remove Social2Search with SpyHunter


SpyHunter is an anti-malware tool published by Eniqma Software Group USA, LLC. Ii is designed for detecting and removing various types of computer threats including Ransomware, Browser Hijakcer, Trojans, adware, spyware, worms and so on. The tool can replace the Windows Registry and remove associated registry entries, which achieve complete removal results.


Click the button below to download SpyHunter


Open the downloaded file to begin the installation and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.


After selecting your language, click OK button.


Click Continue button.


Click Install button after opting for I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


Click Exit button after the installation is completed.


After the installation, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you need to run SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! button.


The quick scan is in process, please don’t undo the process until its completion.


When the scan has completed, the screen will show you all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.


Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is completed.


Option 2: Remove Social2Search with Plumbytes Anti-Malware


Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware from the button below.


Install Plumbytes Anti-Malware by clicking INSTALL.


After installation is done, run Plumbytes Anti-Malware by double-clicking on openplumbytes(or Plumbytes Anti-Malware will run automatically).

Go to OVERVIEW, and then click Run a scan.


After scan is completed, all detected items will show in the list.


Check the box beside Social2Search or Select All and then click REMOVE SELECTED.

Restart the computer to apply all the changes.

Although Social2Search is actually a search tool that can help users to get search results based on what your friends share on social media like Facebook, it still causes problems for many users. Firstly, some users don’t take initiative to download the program and express surprise at its appearance. Due to the unexpected installation, the program is also regarded as Potentially Unwanted Program, which may use “bundling” method to get installed on your computer. To prevent the same case from happening, you are suggested to read agreement carefully and choose Custom setup type while installing new software. Secondly, the program displays thousands of ads while users are browsing and searching. In order to show users as many ads as possible, it will modify your browser settings including changing default homepage and search engine. The extension developed by the program is also an “assistant” that shows ads. Too many pop-up ads not only stop user from visiting web pages normally but also slow down the running speed of the system. Even though the developer tell you that you can block ads by changing account settings, but ads still pop up. Hence, the best method is to remove the program and relevant extension from your PC. If you can’t remove the program by using the Windows Add/Remove Program feature, you can try an automatic removal tool recommended in the post. A good removal tool can remove detected malware that do harm to your computer.



The following video offers a complete guide for Social2Search removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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