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How can I get rid of it pops up as homepage of Chrome automatically. This is a crazy virus and it causes something wrong with Chrome. I keep getting it as long as I open browser. It never stops loading on browser and it does not let me get on to the homepage I use before. Is it dangerous to connect to this website? Will it be dangerous if I click anything from its page? How can I delete it? Please help!


Solution is a browser hijacker which attacks installed browsers on computer. To completely remove it, you need to delete its links from infected browsers, clean associated files on computer and delete all related registry entries about it. The manual removal is complicated and unsafe. If you want to delete quickly, click to download anti-malware tool below.remove-luckysite123-com-now





More Details about


Once seeing the interface of, no one will consider it to be a malicious site. But the real purpose of it has been covered that it aims at generating traffics to specific web sites. This is a way it uses to bring visitors to its sponsors. And after it gets paid by third parties, it helps to boost traffics for those websites. For making more money, its developers will try their best to spread it all around the internet and try to affect more computers by using nasty methods as so to force net users to utilize its search service. This site is a member of browser redirect virus family. While getting inside, it take actions to modify browser setting like homepage and search provider. According to victims, this site sneaks onto a computer with no permissions. With a view to make you click on the pop up ads, this search engine gathers your search terms and history to show related pop up ads that meet your needs. No matter which page you are visiting, your interested pop up windows will appear all the time. In this case, it is not easy to stop clicking on the convincing pop up ads that look so attractive. But the consequence of clicking is not good that you will be redirected to specific websites which are launched by advertising partners.


luckysite123-com is reported to be a browser redirect virus which can forcibly change the search engine, address bar, new tab and other settings on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. This site itself is a threat to the computer and also it brings other threats to harm the computer through modifying browser settings and properties. More than that, it still displays random pop up ads and fake massages on the screen. The time you agree to set this site as a homepage, you are giving the opportunity for it to force you to use its services. For making you to use it, it try its best to take over control over your current proxy configuration and advanced settings, as a result, all the defaults are changed. Third party contents will be included on this site and unwanted services like websites, text information, images, programs and software will be contained as well, all those third party contents will be not checked for security. All threatens brought by those details will not be charged by this site for it make you take all the responsibility. As it is said that this is a browser hijacker, so it will hijack the homepage and search engine of your web browsers. Most users are tricked by the unreliable information that this is a genuine search engine that can provide reliable search results. But, as a matter of fact, this is not true for the original purpose of developing this search engine is to make commercial gains only.


Symptoms Caused by Virus

Close attention should be paid to new download as most browser hijackers use third parties to spread. This is a nasty site which appears to be harmful to your web browsers and your online privacy. Even it looks safe and harmless, it will perform malicious activities in background without being known. This website is used by criminals to steal personal information like account details, search data and other similar information. Once this dubious website gets inside your computer and controls browsers, it will force you to visit its homepage and make you use its search functions. Additional extension and toolbars will be added to infected browsers. No matter which browser you try to open, you will get this website automatically as long as it has infected them. The homepage of it will be opened automatically. It is not permitted if you want to change them back because homepage is out of your control. The registry entries of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox homepage are modified., which always comes with free resources from the internet, is able to modify your browser settings once it enters your computer. It pretends to be a regular site with images, videos and many others search services. This redirect will mislead you to visit some unreliable sites which will threaten your computer with infections. Moreover, it may steal your personal information, including email account and browsing history. You can not let it stay on your computer since it is a PUP. It is advised to remove it as soon as possible.


How Does Enter Your PC


This redirect virus often gets installed by utilizing third party programs from insecure sites. Such redirect always spreads with audio or video players, download managers, PDF converters and other resources. It is necessary to choose Advanced or Custom installation while installing those unreliable software. Under this situation, you can manage the third party installation and avoid additional bundles that you do not want. Redirect virus has the possibility to enter your system if you tempt to select Quick or Recommended installation. You need to be careful when installing online resources for computer threats as redirect virus will bundle with them and those free resources in particular.


Helpful Guide to Remove is a stubborn virus which is hard to remove for most users. if you are not experienced with malware removal, you better choose auto fix tool. If you insist following manual removal guide, do back up important data to avoid mistaken deletion.


Automatic Fix Guide

Download malware removal tool to remove Luckysite123.comand other threats automatically from browsers and system. This tool provides free scan for you so that you can find all potential threats on system. You can choose to fix all issues automatically or find tnreats locations with the help of scan results and them uninstall all viruses manually.



If this tool does not detect Luckysite123.comon your computer, you can contact our PC expert to get one to one custom support.


Manual Removal Guide

StepⅠ Remove Luckysite123.comfrom Your Browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • Go to Adcanced tab, click Reset… button.


  • Make sure that you want to reset all browser settings, and then check Delete personal settings and click Reset.


  • Click Close to complete resetting.



Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, go to Settings tab and click Show advanced settings…


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, find Reset settings and then click it.


  • Click Reset when the window below pops up.



Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select ? (Help Menu).orange-win8-helpmenu
  • Select Troubleshooting Information.


  • Click Refresh Firefox button.



  • Click Finish to complete resetting.




  • Open Opera, select More tools and then click Clear browsing data.


  • Check items you want to clean up, and then click Clear browsing data.




  • Open Safari, click Tools button and then select Reset Safari


  • Select items that you want to reset, and then click Reset button.



StepⅡClean up Registry Entries Related to


  • Press Win+R keys to open Run dialog box.


  • Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.



  • In the Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…


  • Search for items related to ( type in the search box and hit Enter key).
  • Delete detected items after the searching is completed.
  • Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up.


“Registry Editor has finished searching through the registry”

  • Close the Registry Editor.


Tips to Avoid Being Attacked By Malware


  1. Download free sources from their official sites.
  2. Avoid insecure resources from Torrent, P2P (peer-to-peer) networks and Newsgroups.
  3. The maker or manufacturer websites should be the first choice to download your target software.
  4. Try to select custom or advanced installation as possible as you can, it can help you reject malicious bundles.
  5. Some kinds of official programs contain unwanted bundles as its related toolbar. In case of you do not want the bundles, you can un-check them while you re installing. Remember that some legitimate sites can make your PC be infected by adware.



Summary redirect threat can bring chaos to your computer and totally mess up the system. You may consider it as a legitimate site before you learn the detail of it. In fact, it is just common reason that so many victims are tricked by it. After invading your computer, this redirect will slow down the network speed and the system performance of your computer which make it take longer time to connect to the internet or operate a program. Also, it allows remote hacker get remote control over the infected machine via triggering system loophole although there is still a anti-virus program running on your computer. You may only get some unrelated search results with Trojan and other computer threats bundled if you tempt to trust this site. This redirect infection will harass the entire system and destroy and damage all system files as well as collect all the sensitive information if you do not remove it timely. You should realize that your computer is infected by this redirect virus when the next time you find the existence of this website and do not forgive to remove it timely. The most effective way to deal with this threat is to download a professional removal tool to get rid of this threat as soon as possible.




The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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