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Yesterday, I found there was something wrong with my computer. When I did a search, I found that the homepage of Chrome was changed to it should be Google, actually. But it was replaced so suddenly and I did not know why. I did not know if it was downloaded by my brother as he used my computer before. I tried setting Google back by changing search engine from settings. It did change back. But when I restarted computer again, the homepage was changed to again. is unsafe to use for searching as it records your identity. Click to remove fully within steps!




What Is is a browser hijacker which looks like a normal search site. Like many other search sites, it offers a search engine with which you can search information online. This search engine can be sued like Google. However, it is regarded to be redirect virus as it is designed by cyber hackers for the purpose of increasing website traffics and displaying various pop up ads for commercial benefits. Once this malware gets installed on your computer, it will start modifying your browser settings, causing default homepage and search engine changes. All browse settings are changed to its domain or related links. When you go to its page, you will be attracted by its colorful ground at the beginning and this is different from Google search as Google will not show you a colorful ground. After that, you will find a search bar placing in the middle of page with many icon that allow you to quickly access famous social websites surrounded. And the most typical thing is that there will be a digital clock which shows present time. When you do a search with the search engine provided by this browser hijacker, you will get search results with a lot of commercial ads contained. There are a number of pop up ads and sponsored links in the search results offered by this search engine as the main goal of it is to generate random ads and then promote third party products and services.




What you should note is that clicking on those ads or links is not safe for your computer system because you may be redirected to malicious websites. Dangerous viruses may be planted to those websites that once the websites are visited, malware could automatically get installed on your computer. Besides this, you should also be careful about random pop up ads, especially those match your browse habits. The attractive ads which match your habits are displayed on screen to trick you into clicking. The reason why the ads are related to your needs is that your recent online activities are recorded by this browser hijacker and it collects your online data like search history, sites, log in details and other valuable information. Your personal details will be collected and sent to developers so that they are able to analyze your habits and interest. After that associated ads will be displayed on screen to attract your attention. As a matter of fact, as long as your personal details are collected, you become a victim of identity theft. This is a deceptive redirect virus which comes to target computer by making use of phishing sites, junk emails, malicious downloads and other invisible carriers with no authorization. Even this search engine states that it is supported by famous search engine, but as a matter of fact, the search results you get from this engine will never meet your needs for they are likely to be some commercial pop up ads and sponsored links. No matter what you want to search, all you get from it are only some kinds of advertising contents but not some normal results.


Once it has entered your computer, it will takes actions to take charge of your web browsers and then makes quick moves to change homepage and search engine into its insecure site and engine before getting approval from you. What is more dangerous is that your browsing traces will be followed by this threat and valuable information stored on the computer will be recorded without being known in order to send to remote hacker for making money. None of the web browsers you have installed can escape from it infection, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome & IE. To stop further damages and losses, it is highly recommended to remove this infection from computer without delay or the infected computer will be totally messed up and can not be fixed anymore.


Guides to Remove is a browser hijacker which could manage your DNS settings and control your online steps. It is unsafe to use any unknown search engine to search as it will introduce more viruses to your system. Follow removal guides below to get rid of completely.



Automatic Fix Guide

Download malware removal tool to remove Lovesearchweb.comand other threats automatically from browsers and system. This tool provides free scan for you so that you can find all potential threats on system. You can choose to fix all issues automatically or find tnreats locations with the help of scan results and them uninstall all viruses manually.


Manual Removal Guide


StepⅠ Remove from Your Browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • Go to Adcanced tab, click Reset… button.


  • Make sure that you want to reset all browser settings, and then check Delete personal settings and click Reset.


  • Click Close to complete resetting.



Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, go to Settings tab and click Show advanced settings…


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, find Reset settings and then click it.


  • Click Reset when the window below pops up.



Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select ? (Help Menu).orange-win8-helpmenu
  • Select Troubleshooting Information.


  • Click Refresh Firefox button.



  • Click Finish to complete resetting.




  • Open Opera, select More tools and then click Clear browsing data.


  • Check items you want to clean up, and then click Clear browsing data.




  • Open Safari, click Tools button and then select Reset Safari


  • Select items that you want to reset, and then click Reset button.



StepⅡClean up Registry Entries Related to


  • Press Win+R keys to open Run dialog box.


  • Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.



  • In the Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…


  • Search for items related to ( type in the search box and hit Enter key).
  • Delete detected items after the searching is completed.
  • Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up.


“Registry Editor has finished searching through the registry”

  • Close the Registry Editor and restart computer.



Generally, browser hijacker is spread via free downloads that you could find on many unofficial websites. if you find this browser hijacker hijacking your browsers, you should check the entire system because other threats could have invaded your system along with this malware. Unsafe activities may be performed and insecure step cause the installation of this malware. Usually, such threat is distributed through s game software, videos, and software update packages. If any suspicious program is downloaded by you, you will get this malware on computer. The installer of it is hiding behind the software you have downloaded recently. What is more, spam email attachment is also a dangerous distribution utilized by browser hijacker. Most of time, it pretends to be harmless attachments in order to mislead you into open the file. Thus, if you get this malware, you must have other malicious downloads and risky threats. It is strongly advised that you download professional tool to scan system and detect potential risks.


Warm Tips:

Manual removal method is complicated and it is not effective to deal with stubborn browser hijacker. if you try to remove manually but fail in the end, you are advised to use professional malware removal tool. Using tool is a wise choice because you only need to download the tool and run it to scan system automatically. All suspicious malware will be listed in scan results. You can remove the one you want or you can remove all threats in advance immediately.



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