Efficient Guides to Remove Securesurfs.biz

I got malware on Chrome. I was scanning news online on a website which I usually visited. There was pop up about Securesurfs.biz suddenly jumped up on screen which should not be there. I had visited this website since years ago and there should not be any pop up. I guessed it might be caused by virus. I did scan system with anti-malware tool but it detects some other threats. This one was not included. How can I stop such pop up from web page?

Is the default homepage of Chrome, IE or Firefox hijacked by Securesurfs.biz? Click to delete Securesurfs.biz completley and safely now!


More about Securesurfs.biz Browser Hijacker

Securesurfs.biz is a malware symptom caused by browser hijacker. Once it invades a computer, it is able to show up on screen without sanction. You must close the page it appears without vacillating about closing it. This fake pop up scam may show up on your computer along with unwanted extension, search engine and ads once your computer is infected by this infection. The ads it shows will link to other sites that may contain more risks than its site as they might include more ads, infections and potential unwanted programs. This is a malicious domain which is created to advertise programs and deliver malware. The ads comes in different types that they can be advertising programs, show fake alters and demonstrate unsafe updates and even some attractive pop up contents that associated with your recent search. This infection is delivered through free downloads. It is vital for you to check every license and installation step when you tend to download some program from the internet without paying. Custom or advanced installation must always be the first choice if you see there is a button for clicking, do check if there are any other unwanted bundles are attached to the program you want to download. Or you might get some additional programs you do not want as this browser hijacker will implant other software without your permission. Please be careful that this browser hijacker will only bring troubles to you by showing random ads.





This newly created Securesurfs.biz browser hijacker which has influenced a lot of computers all around the world. When this browser hijacker enters the target computer and hijacks any browser, it will set its startup page as default. Then, it displaying random commercial pop up ads to make money for the developers and partners it serves. Most of time, this infection enters the target computer without any permission and this is the reason why most users do not welcome it. It makes use of many free resources from the internet to invade computer system, including freeware, shareware and other free resources. So, users should pay more attention to the resources which are going to be downloaded on the system and check if there is any malicious bundle. If other unwanted items like extension, plugin and add-ons are attached to the program, uncheck them from bundle box first. You are recommended to use removal tool to get rid of this browser hijacker if you are not able to remove it by using manual removal method.


To completely get rid of Securesurfs.biz browse hijacker, you are recommended to use professional malware removal tool to avoid handling essential parts of the manual process. Automatic removal is safe and it will not cause any mistaken deletion.



Dangers of Securesurfs.biz Browser Hijacker

Securesurfs.biz browser hijacker will disable browser security services to get full control over the infected web browsers. What this browser hijacker bring to computer is troubles only. It will lead to further problems if it keeps hijacking browser and changing system files. Below are some malicious activities performed by this virus:



1.It introduces numerous files to the system and adds itself to the start-up item.

2.It alters settings of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome and infects them.

3.It make itself as a start page and change search engine which results in unrelated search results.

4.It forces users to visit different sites and shows tons of ads.

5.It gathers sensitive information and steals online data.

6.It open a door for Trojans, spyware, and malware.

7.It leads to high consumption of system resources and infects system performance.


However, this malware can do more than these activities. All information stored on your device could be dangerous as remote hackers will get remote control over your machine and copy sensitive privacy like account details, log in data and financial information. In this case, you should remove Securesurfs.biz immediately.


Ways Securesurfs.biz Uses to Attack PC


Generally, Securesurfs.biz is distributed through internet resources as junk email, sponsored links as well as other social network services. It displays some bogus massage and entices PC users to click on those fake installation icon, when users take the installation actions, it will take the chance to enter computer system. It is difficult to detect such redirect virus for it makes use of adware packages. The time you click on the pop ups, you are possible installing this redirect. Hence, be careful when you are browsing the internet.



Efficient Guides to Remove Securesurfs.biz

Two removal methods are listed below. Nevertheless, if you continue to follow the manual removal, you are required to have ability to deal with system registry and files deletion. You may cause mistaken deletion of important files if you are not skillful. Perhaps worst of all, the manual removal could lead to system damages.


Automatic Removal Guide

Considering that most computer users are not familiar with malware removal, especially browser hijacker removal, we provide safe and quick removal instruction. You can download professional malware removal tool below which will completely scan the entire system for you. All potential malware will be listed in scan results.



If this tool does not detect Securesurfs.bizon your computer, you can contact our PC expert to get one to one custom support.



Manual Fix Guide


StepⅠ Remove Securesurfs.bizfrom Your Browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools menu and select Internet Options.


  • Go to Adcanced tab, click Reset… button.


  • Make sure that you want to reset all browser settings, and then check Delete personal settings and click Reset.


  • Click Close to complete resetting.



Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, go to Settings tab and click Show advanced settings…


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, find Reset settings and then click it.


  • Click Reset when the window below pops up.



Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select ? (Help Menu).orange-win8-helpmenu
  • Select Troubleshooting Information.


  • Click Refresh Firefox button.



  • Click Finish to complete resetting.




  • Open Opera, select More tools and then click Clear browsing data.


  • Check items you want to clean up, and then click Clear browsing data.




  • Open Safari, click Tools button and then select Reset Safari


  • Select items that you want to reset, and then click Reset button.



StepⅡClean up Registry Entries Related toSecuresurfs.biz


  • Press Win+R keys to open Run dialog box.


  • Type regedit in the dialog box and then click OK button.



  • In the Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…


  • Search for items related toSecuresurfs.biz ( typeSecuresurfs.biz in the search box and hit Enter key).
  • Delete detected items after the searching is completed.
  • Continue to repeat the above steps until the window below pops up.


“Registry Editor has finished searching through the registry”

  • Close the Registry Editor.

Ways to Protect PC

Utilize patch management for virus detection, removal and fix all applications.

When browsing, use legitimate browsers with high online protections. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera can help you block dangerous sites.

Make your firewall take effect and keep the operating system up to date. Never download and install malicious applications.

Use anti-virus program for system protection and keep it updating all the time.Secure your browsing activities by utilizing security tool with a browser traffic scanner.




Securesurfs.biz can hide in nowhere and users need to be vigilant no matter what they are doing on the computer and it is necessary to learn more computer skills to deal with computer troubles. It is, unfortunately, most net users are careless and do not pay enough attention to their computer and lack of computer security awareness, leading to huge loss and system damages. In case of users keep gingerly when surfing the internet and be careful enough when using the computer, these actions can avoid many attacks and make it easier to solve the virus troubles.


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