Effective Guides to Remove Startgo123.com

My home page is changed to Startgo123.com when I open Chrome. Is this a virus? Chrome starts to work weirdly after homepage is changed. I get so many pop up ads on page when I am scanning some websites that I usually visit. I search information about it and find that many posts about it. it is said that this is a browser hijacker. but those posts do not offer proper removal method as I try some of their methods, I still can not remove this browser hijacker. can you please help me?


You need to clean all associated links, files and registry entries from computer if you want to completely remove Startgo123.com. The manual removal is complicated. You are recommended to use professional malware removal tool to get rid of Startgo123.com and other PC threats automatically and safely.




More about Startgo123.com

Startgo123.com, which is categorized as a browser hijacker, can alter your browser settings as it sneaks onto your computer. It follows your browsing path, demonstrates pop up windows while you are seeking information from the internet, shopping data in particular. This attack of this browser hijacker makes you computer more difficult to operate as many unwanted items will be displayed. Furthermore, this stealthy infection also compromises registry entries and window files as well as opening a backdoor for other threats. Additionally, it devastates your Google Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers and other system applications besides the activities mentioned above. More than that, dangerous Trojan virus and keyloggers will hide behind some pop up ads, they are capable of stealing financial details such as bank accounts, passwords and credit details. Therefore, do be trapped by this browser hijacker and regard it to be good. This infection slow down computer operation and consume vast CPU usage. In consequence, you are urged to remove Startgo123.com before all your privacy is stolen with time passing by.



Startgo123.com is defined as a browser redirect virus, aiming to boarder the online market for specific service, programs and websites. As it is completely finished its infiltration on your machine, you start to get numerous pop up ads. The exists of these random pop up windows both disturb your online actions and limit the network connection. In this case, it takes more time for you to start a new browsing tab or load the web pages. Even some regular websites are not able to get access and somehow there will appear browser crash during your online surfing. More than the above-mentioned troubles, this redirect virus still takes you to some malicious websites with Trojan horse virus contained if you tempt to click on insecure pop ups. Then, here comes the most terrible affair that this threat opens a gate for malware, making other infections can get inside your machine easily. The situation becomes worse because remote hackers can take your private data with this infection inside. Thus, removing Startgo123.com immediately is the most effective way to solve all problems.

Startgo123.com browser hijacker, created by criminals, is deemed to be a type of redirect virus. Such threat attacks all operating system, including Win7/8, Vista and XP. No matter which operating system you are running, you are probable to get your computer infected by this nasty infection as long as you connect to the internet. Usually, this site appears as a regular search site with quick search function that has nothing different with other normal search pages. But, you may find the true face of this threat after using it for seeking online resources since it is a media utilized for making money. The infiltration of it is so stealthy that once inside, it starts modifying default homepage and search engine respectively without asking any permission. Undoubtedly, you may encounter search redirection, pop ups and bogus contents whatever you search. With the appearances of annoying pop ups, you are impossible to effectively browse. Besides, this stealthy infection also leaks your personal details to remote crook who may use your privacy to earn profits or even break the laws. Most of time, you get this redirect after downloading freeware, shareware and email attachments for these resources are the most common programs used by this threat for distribution. In a word, once nay trace of this infection is found, do not hesitate to get rid of it immediately.

You can not keep this browser hijacker for too long as it will open a door for other malware. Your computer could be totally damaged by viruses if you do not clean malicious processes timely.



Effective Guides to Remove Startgo123.com


As it is mentioned, Startgo123.com is a nasty browser hijacker which should be removed timely. If you do not delete Startgo123.com from affected web browser, it may introduce other threats to your computer. At that time, your computer may be totally controlled by malware. Your financial details and social accounts information will be in danger.

Manual Startgo123.com Removal Guide

Step 1 Remove Startgo123.com from Browsers

Step 2 Find and Delete Registry Entries

Automatic Startgo123.com Removal Guide (Recommended)

Manual Startgo123.com Removal Guide

Step 1 Remove Startgo123.com from Browsers

Instruction for Internet Explorer

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Internet Explorer shortcut in Desktop or Start menu and select Properties.ie-playbar-properties1
  • In Target, delete Startgo123.com link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Internet Options.orange-win8-ie-tools-menu
  • In Homepage under General tab, delete Startgo123.com link if you find it.


  • Click Apply and then OK button to apply changes.

Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Tools menu, and then select Manage add-ons.orange-ie-manageon
  • Go to Search providers tab, pick Startgo123.com among search engines and delete it if you find Startgo123.com.ie-search-provider-win7


Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Mozilla Firefox shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select Properties.firefox-playbar-properties1
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted link if you find it.


Set Homepage:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click button and select Options.win8-ff-options-1
  • In Homepage section under General tab, delete the browser hijacker’s website link if you find it.


  • Move mouse to click a blank area to apply all changes.


Set Search engines:

  • Navigate to Search tab by clicking Search in left side.fiefox-search
  • Pick the unwanted search engine among search engines and delete it if you find Startgo123.com.




Instruction for Google Chrome

Check up Properties:

  • Right click Google Chrome shortcut in Start menu or Desktop and select Properties.properties-chrome
  • In Target section, delete the unwanted arguments if you find it.



Set Startup page :

  • Type chrome://settings in the browser’ address bar.chrome-typesettings
  • Click Set pages (a blue link beside Open a specific page or set of pages).chrome-setpages
  • In the Startup pages window, delete harmful page link by clicking x.


  • Click OK button to close the window.


Set Homepage:

  • Click Change under Show Home button.chrome-change
  • In the Home page window, delete the malicious homepage link.


  • Click OK button to close the window.



Step 2 Find and Delete Registry Entries

  • Open Start menu and click Run dialogue.


  • Type regedit and hit Enter key.8regedit
  • In the Registry Editor window, click File and select Find…editfind
  • Type Startgo123.com in the search box and hit Enter key.
  • Delete detected items related to Startgo123.com.regedit-play-bardelete
  • Repeat the above steps until the window below appears.fin nothing


Note: Manually removing Startgo123.com is not an easy job, because it requires users to finish several complicated steps. If you have difficulty in removing Startgo123.com although reading the above removal guide, then just download and use a powerful removal tool without hesitation.


Automatic Startgo123.com Removal Guide (Recommended)

Option 1: Remove Play-Bar.net with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a useful detection & removal tool with high DNS protection. It aims at assisting computer users in preventing their computer from Browser Hijacker, adware, PUP, Trojan, rootkits and so on. Any detected computer threats can be removed by SpyHunter. Thus, what you need is to download the removal tool and remove malicious items as soon as possible.

  • Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below.
  • download-startgo123-com-removal-tool


  • Open the downloaded file (SpyHunter) to begin the installation, and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.2


  • After selecting your language, click OK button.ok-spyhunter1
  • Click CONTINUE button.continue1
  • Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.install3
  • Click Exit button after the installation is completed.step-6-exit
  • After the installation is completed, SpyHunter will run and scan your computer automatically. If not, you should lauch SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! by yourself.scan
  • The system scan is in process.


  • After the scan is completed, all malicious items that SpyHunter has detected will be shown as a list. To remove detected items completely, click “Fix Threats” button.


  • Restart your computer to apply all changes after removal is completed.


How to Prevent Malware Effectively

Since the invention of computer, our life has changed greatly. Using computer to store information and data is a common way. Most of us may use computer for educating, working and entertaining. Computers facilitate our life, we can not only keep in touch with our friends by suing social networks, but also can search the internet any tome. A lot of users count on computer so much. Some even feel like mussing something if they leave it for hours. Even every one of us uses it, minority of us pay enough attention to computer security. It seems that our daily life has been controlled by it but we do not have the ability to control it. We start to ignore the protection of system as we choose to ignore it. In fact, there are many things we can do to protection our computer and stop our data from being stolen.

Firstly, you should turn on windows firewall to stop malware attack. In recently years, the number of monthly malware attacks has been on the sharp rise. As we all known, windows firewall is the first line to avoid malware attacks. But many users have no concept of windows protection in their mind. Some game players even turn off windows firewall to play games. This is not a good habit as it will give chance to other threats.

Secondly, you should block pop up ads when you are browsing the web. Pop up ad is a kind of distribution method used by most threats to spread. The download link of malware could be implanted in these pop up ads. Once you click on them, you will download malware on computer.

Thirdly, block spam emails and always clean suspicious email attachments. Email attachments can spread many kinds of threats. Any file attached in email attachment could contain malware downloads. The most effective way to avoid them is to delete all spam email and suspicious emails from inbox as soon as possible.

Finally, you need to use professional anti-malware tool. Majority users take it for granted that turning on windows firewall can block all malware. As a matter of fact, with the popularization of Internet, cyber crimes have become a serious problem facing us. Cyber criminals could be everywhere on the internet. To illustrate, some commit fraud or lift intellectual property, others snatch passwords or disrupt e-commerce, and still others unleash viruses to crash computers. As a result, these crimes destroy network security greatly and make computer users suffer great losses. Only using windows firewall is not enough to fight with malware. A professional tool is needed for you computer protection.



Startgo123.com is a dangerous browser hijacker which is capable to enter your computer through using freeware, shareware, links, pop up contents and spam email attachments. This browser hijacker will modify browser settings as well as system settings in order to track your online steps. Your personal data will be collected without being realized. All your privacy collected by this malware will be used for marketing and commercial profits. You will experience various problems when you use the computer infected by this malware. Thus, it is recommended that you remove Startgo123.com timely.


Kindly Remind: The manual removal is not safe for everyone as it is complicate. It may become risky task for you if you are not experienced with malware removal. If you are still troubled by Startgo123.com after manual removal, you better download auto fix tool and remove Startgo123.com automatically.




The following video offers a complete guide for Startgo123.com browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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